Perisic, who suffered a cruciate ligament rupture during training and was even rumored to retire, was captured after surgery… at least 5 months until return

Ivan Perisic’s current status has been revealed.

Transfer market expert Fabricio Romano shared a photo of Perisic after surgery on his social media on the 28th (Korean time). Perisic had a cast on his right knee and was on crutches. At the same time, Reporter Romano mentioned, “Perisic will now begin the recovery process, and it is expected that it will take 5 to 6 months for him to return.”

Perisic, now 34 years old, left Wolfsburg in 2015 and joined Inter Milan. He spent time on loan at Bayern Munich, then returned to Inter Milan again in the 2020-21 season. At this time, coach Antonio Conte was leading the team. Coach Conte began using Perisic as a left wingback.

Perisic looked awkward at first, but as the game progressed, he adapted to his position and his performance improved towards the second half of the season. And he played in 32 games in Italian Serie A, scoring 4 goals and providing 4 assists, contributing to Inter Milan’s league win.

Perisic joined Tottenham as a free agent last year. Coach Conte knew his tactical style well and actively wanted the experienced Perisic. He immediately took over as a starting player and scored 1 goal and 8 assists in 34 Premier League (PL) games last season. He achieved good results, including the most assists in the team.

However, it did not gain certain trust. He often overlapped with Son Heung-min’s position, and as he reached his mid-30s, the mobility required for the wingback position was also assessed to have decreased somewhat. In the end, when Coach Conte left the team midway through the season, Perisic’s position naturally became jeopardized. There were also transfer rumors this summer.

Specific teams were also mentioned. Italian transfer market expert Gianluca Di Marzio said in early July, “Perisic is currently close to returning to Croatia. The destination is Hajduk Split. He is expected to terminate his contract with Tottenham.” Hajduk is a Croatian club that Perisic played for as a youth.

But there was no transfer. The season started, and Perisic stayed. Perisic has received consistent opportunities in the five games since the start of this season, but has played as a substitute in all of them. New coach Enze Postecoglou was a leader who used a back four. Because of this, the possibility of using Perisic as a wingback has disappeared, and he is being used as a wing forward at the beginning of the season.스포츠토토

In this situation, an injury occurred. Tottenham said on the club website on the 20th, “Perisic suffered an injury to his right anterior cruciate ligament. He suffered the injury in a non-contact situation during training and is scheduled to undergo surgery. He plans to begin rehabilitation after that and is expected to miss the remainder of the season.” It was officially announced.

From Tottenham’s perspective, Perisic is not a key resource. He is a fully replaceable player. Because of this, it has been argued that he may have in fact been fighting a farewell match. Perisic’s contract originally ran until next summer. There have been rumors of his retirement, but the likelihood is not high.

Eom Won-sang, member of Hwang Seon-hong’s ‘Golden 2nd Line’, “I’m not greedy for goals… I have to overcome the difficult part of the game against China”

“China has advanced to the quarterfinals thanks to its skills, and must overcome this.”

The Republic of Korea Asian Games national soccer team, led by coach Hwang Seon-hong (55), will face China in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games soccer quarterfinals at the Huanglong Sports Center Stadium on October 1 (Korean time).

China, whom they faced in the quarterfinals, is one of the most difficult opponents of this tournament. This is because ‘home territory tax’ is expected.

Chinese spectators are famous for their enthusiastic cheering. Regardless of the sport, every stadium is filled with people constantly shouting ‘Jjayo!’, the Chinese word for ‘let’s go!’. In addition, there is no video assistant referee (VAR) in this tournament, so there are great concerns ahead of the match against China, which is famous for making harsh fouls against its opponents.메이저놀이터

Eom Won-sang, who played a big role in the round of 16 match against Kyrgyzstan on the 27th, met with reporters immediately after the match ended. Eom Won-sang collapsed after being injured in an excessively rough tackle during an evaluation match against China last June.

Eom Won-sang recalled that time, saying, “It was an unexpected injury. I suffered badly. I have painful memories.”

At the same time, he emphasized, “But it is now September. It is not June, but another month where we have to prepare again. It is also a game that we must win. We must overcome this difficult time.”

In June, Hwang Seon-hong faced China twice in a row. The national team had a record of 1 win and 1 loss at the time.

Eom Won-sang said, “Actually, this is China, and the problem that not only us but everyone else is worried about is the task we have to overcome.” He added, “China is a goblin-like team. They made it to the quarterfinals with their skills. We need to prepare well. It’s a difficult game. “It seems like it will happen, but we have to overcome it well,” he emphasized.

Eom Won-sang formed a strong second line of attack in this tournament along with Jung Woo-young, Lee Kang-in, and Song Min-gyu. Eom Won-sang is good at both scoring and assisting. But he had no desire to score.

Eom Won-sang said, “There is no greed for goals here. It would be great if everyone could score like in this game. Not just me, but everyone here. Whether it’s (Jeong) Woo-young, (Cho) Young-wook, (Lee) Kang-in, or Park (Jae-yong). “Everyone can score. I have no desire to score. I really hope that someone will score another goal,” he said with a smile.

He said, “Kangin is a player who really likes to pass to him. I also like to move. As Kanin joins the team, I am thinking that if I make good use of Kangin’s passes, I will be able to receive good balls.” added.

Moon Dong-joo and Choi Ji-min, ‘Doing everything they need to do but making a fuss’… Still, it’s nice to have a friend of the same age by my side

The ‘2022 Hangzhou Asian Games’ baseball team led by coach Ryu Joong-il departed for Hangzhou, China through Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 on the 28th. At Incheon International Airport, where the national baseball team departs, about 100 fans gathered an hour before the team arrived.

 When the national team arrived, they each took pictures with their cell phone cameras and asked the players who completed the formalities for autographs and selfies. The players were seen cheerfully asking fans for selfies and autographs. In particular, Moon Dong-ju also saw fans standing in a line and asking for autographs, as if it were an impromptu autograph session.스포츠토토

Moon Dong-ju, who was waiting for his departure, asked Choi Ji-min, a friend of his same age, to put the headphones he was wearing into his bag. Choi Ji-min was also seen putting headphones into Moon Dong-ju’s bag and scolding him, saying, “Why do you have so much baggage?”

Coach Ryu Joong-il is waving and greeting fans.

Moon Dong-ju, wearing horn-rimmed glasses, is smiling broadly.

After convening on the 23rd, the national baseball team will complete two training sessions and a practice game with Sangmu, then enter Hangzhou on the 28th and begin local adaptation training for two days on the 29th and 30th.

And on the 1st of next month, they will face their opponent, Hong Kong, in the first round of the group stage. Then on the 2nd, they face Taiwan, an opponent they must win against. And on the 3rd, the final round of the first round will be played against the team that passed the preliminary round from Thailand, Singapore, and Laos.  

“Pochettino could be sacked on Christmas!”… Former EPL striker’s cool-headed ‘prediction’: “We will follow in Porter’s footsteps”

Chelsea in the English Premier League (EPL) is in crisis. It is also a crisis for new coach Mauricio Pochettino.

Chelsea recorded only one win in the EPL this season and fell to 14th place in the league. The first win was also achieved against promoted team Luton Town. Chelsea has attempted to recruit players by spending a record amount of money in the transfer market, but is in a downward spiral.

The person who is regarded as the culprit of Chelsea’s fall is manager Pochettino. He was recognized for his leadership skills by playing attractive and beautiful attacking football during his time at Tottenham, but has yet to show any intensity at Chelsea.스포츠토토

Although they advanced to the round of 16 with a 1-0 win over Brighton & Hove Albion in the round of 32 of the Carabao Cup on the 28th, there is still a lot of distrust.

In this situation, Darren Bent, a striker who played for Tottenham, Sunderland, and Aston Villa in the past, and who also played for the England national team, made a harsh prediction. He mentioned the possibility of coach Pochettino’s dismissal through Britain’s ‘Talk Sports’.

“I think there is a chance that Pochettino will be sacked,” Bent said.

He continued, “Pochettino is facing pressure to turn the club around. Chelsea seems to be stuck in this atmosphere. Is it important for Chelsea to rebuild the team, or is immediate success more important? It is a situation that has not been answered.” He explained.

Then he brought up the name of director Graham Potter. He took charge of Chelsea’s rebuild last season, but was sacked due to lack of immediate results. This means that Coach Pochettino can also follow in Coach Porter’s footsteps.

Bent said: “Potter came to rebuild Chelsea, but Chelsea pulled the plug. Pochettino also thinks Chelsea could do the same if things don’t improve. A decision will be made at Christmas. Chelsea are also midway through Christmas. “If we are ranked high on the table, Chelsea will make changes,” he emphasized.

“Qatar is salty”… Heo Hoon “Don’t you usually give me cheers?”

“Well, don’t they usually cheer?”

Heo Hoon (executive director), who leads the Korean men’s national team’s attack, met with reporters in the mixed zone after the second match of Group D of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games men’s group stage between Qatar and Qatar held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center in China on the 28th and asked this question.

Heo Hoon is being interviewed with a humorous expression after the second match of Group D of the Asian Games against Qatar held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center in China on the 28th. Hangzhou = Reporter Jeong Pil-jae
This is because the Chinese spectators who came to watch the basketball game that day unilaterally cheered for Qatar. Chinese spectators chanted “Jjayo” when Qatar got the ball, and even booed when Korea increased the score.

Is it because of this atmosphere? In this day’s game, Korea defeated Qatar 76-64, but was shaky, scoring only two points in the first five minutes of the fourth quarter. It was a moment of crisis when the game could have been lost. Heo Hoon said, “In the first and second quarters, of course, we put pressure on the opponent and increased the score, but as the second half went on, we became complacent, so we relaxed a little mentally.” He added, “Because we are all good players, that aspect will gradually improve.” He continued, “It is fortunate that this issue was discovered ahead of the important game (against Japan),” and emphasized, “We will make improvements.”스포츠토토

The men’s basketball team will face Japan on the morning of the 30th. Both teams have won two games in a row, so someone has to suffer a loss. The winner of today’s match will advance directly to the quarterfinals, while the loser will be pushed to the round of 12. Heo Hoon emphasized, “The Korea-Japan game is held at 11 a.m., so it may be a difficult time for our players to adjust,” adding, “But I really want to win the Korea-Japan game.” He then said, “It’s a holiday in Korea, so please watch basketball while eating delicious food with your family,” and expressed his determination, saying, “We will definitely show you winning.”

‘Tennis Emperor’ Djokovic, also a ‘good shot’ at golf… One-on success in par 4 hole

 Novak Djokovic (36, Serbia), the 24-time Grand Slam winner and the ‘Emperor of Tennis,’ showed off his golf skills by participating in the Ryder Cup All-Star Match, a men’s golf competition between the United States and Europe. On the first hole, he appeared mischievous, holding a tennis racket and pretending to hit a tee shot.

Djokovic participated in the Ryder Cup pre-event all-star match held at the Marco Simone Golf and Country Club in Rome, Italy on the 28th (Korean time).

According to the Associated Press and Reuters, Djokovic pretended to swing a golf ball while holding a tennis racket in his hand before taking out the driver in the first hole. He added, “Actually, I think this would be better for me.”

However, Djokovic was not only skilled in tennis but also in golf. He hit the tee shot and second shot perfectly in the first hole (par 4), leaving a 5m birdie putt, and easily recorded par with two putts.

The highlight was the 16th hole (par 4). Djokovic, who succeeded in getting one-on in a 260-yard short hole where he could hit the green with one tee shot, even celebrated by jumping with his arms outstretched, like Cristiano Ronaldo in soccer.

“It was truly an honor and a golden opportunity for him to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Djokovic said after the match. “Thank you to the many fans who came out to put more pressure on us on the first tee,” he joked, adding, “It was a unique experience. “Obviously it’s much easier to hit a tennis ball with a racket, but today wasn’t too bad,” he said.스포츠토토

Regarding the one-on situation on the 16th hole, “I tried to play safely, but the crowd made me do that. “It was the best shot I’ve ever hit.” He said, “I’ve never played golf in front of so many people, so considering the situation, I played pretty well.”

In addition to Djokovic, soccer stars Andriy Shevchenko (Ukraine), Gareth Bale (Wales), and F1 Carlos Sainz (Spain) participated in the All-Star Game.

Djokovic also plans to watch the first round of the Ryder Cup starting on the 29th. He revealed that he is also close friends with golf star Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland). Djokovic said, “We have been friends for over 10 years, ever since McIlroy became engaged to tennis player Caroline Wozniacki. “We are close friends and I will support Europe,” he said.

‘History’s first’ Gimcheon takes the lead in K-League 2 with an away win at Cheonan!

Managing Director Kim Cheon aims for victory in the away game against Cheonan City FC.

Gimcheon will play an away game against Cheonan City FC in the Hana One Q K League 2 2023 34R at Cheonan Stadium at 4 p.m. on October 1. Gimcheon, who turned things around by winning 4-1 in the previous home game against Anyang, is determined to break the cycle of away defeats in Cheonan-an and secure three points.

Gimcheon won against Anyang on the 23rd for the first time since its founding in 7 games. On the same day, Gimcheon made history by becoming the club’s first politician to score a hat trick.

With the win in the previous round, Gimcheon narrowed the point gap with leader Busan to 4 points. With six games remaining until the end of the regular season, Gimcheon is determined to accumulate points once again to win the K League 2 and be promoted directly to the K League 1. Starting with Cheonan, Gimcheon faced some tough opponents, including Bucheon, Ansan, Gimpo, Gyeongnam, and Seoul E-Land.

The atmosphere of the away opponent, Cheonan City FC, is the best of the 2023 season. At the end of July, two months after reporting their first win of the season, they recorded 3 consecutive wins and are transforming into a completely different team. They defeated Seoul E-Land, Bucheon, and Jeonnam in order. However, Gimcheon, which won 2 wins (6 goals and 1 goal) against Cheonan this season, is determined to decorate the last match with victory as well.

On October 1, when the away game against Cheonan is held, 18 members of the 7th class, the main flag bearers of Gimcheon Sangmu, will be promoted to corporal. The Gimcheon 7th team’s starting members this season include captain Won Doo-jae, Jo Young-wook, Kim Jin-gyu, Lee Sang-min, politician, and Kang Hyun-moo.

At a time when Cho Young-wook missed out on selection for the Hangzhou Asian Games, a fellow politician completely filled Cho Young-wook’s absence and quickly emerged as Gimcheon’s new problem solver. A politician became the first club player to record a hat-trick, which even top strikers such as Cho Gyu-seong and Oh Hyun-gyu could not achieve.안전놀이터

The shield is also powerful. Kang Hyun-moo, who has been starting since September, is recording super saves in every game. They recorded a clean sheet against Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province on the 2nd, and gave up only one goal out of 13 shots in the away game to Seongnam on the 19th. In the game against Anyang on the 23rd, they conceded one goal out of 14 shots (9 effective shots) and earned 3 points. On the same day, Kang Hyun-moo recorded an assist and increased his attack points.

Gimcheon, which is fighting a battle for points in every game to secure direct promotion, is determined to win at Cheonan-an with Gimcheon’s 7th season at the forefront.

“An unforgivable matter”… Suwon FC terminates contract with Ras for drunk driving

 Suwon FC’s foreign player Lars Veltvik, who caused a drunk driving scandal, was expelled.

His team, Suwon FC, announced on the 27th, “We will hold a second team management committee meeting with Lass and terminate his contract as of September 30.”

In early August, Suwon FC held the first (emergency) squad management committee meeting again following the results of the Korean Professional Football Federation’s rewards and punishment committee, along with the immediate exclusion of players from training and games through the first (emergency) squad management committee meeting in relation to the detection of drunk driving by the player Lass. I decided to do it.스포츠토토

On the 10th of last month, the Korea Professional Football League held its 10th Reward and Punishment Committee and suspended the player for 15 games and fined him 4 million won.

After the federation’s decision, Suwon FC conducted an in-depth legal review of the player’s contract with the Korea Professional Football League and legal advisory organizations, and held the second player management committee meeting on the 20th and decided to terminate the contract with Lass. .

The club said, “The above decision was made based on Suwon FC’s principle that actions that are socially condemned must be dealt with firmly as an issue that no one can tolerate,” adding, “This is an example that raises awareness among all members of the club, and will include periodic training for players in the future.” “We plan to implement it,” he emphasized.

Women’s softball team reports first win… Keep the spark alive to advance to the super round

The women’s softball team won its first win at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

The national team won a run-ahead (cold game) victory over Thailand 10-1 in the 5th inning in the second game of Group B held at Shaoxing Softball Stadium in China on the 27th. Softball is played over 7 innings, but in the Asian Games, a run-ahead game is declared if the gap is 9 or more points at the end of the 5th inning or 10 or more points at the end of the 4th inning.스포츠토토

The national team, which lost to China 0-9 in the fifth inning the previous day, won its first win (1 win, 1 loss) by defeating Thailand. If the national team wins against the Philippines in the final third game of Group B on the 28th, it will advance to the super round as second place in Group B and continue its medal challenge. If they lose to the Philippines, they will go down to the lower round.

The national team allowed the first run in the first inning, but after a change of offense and defense, Lee Kyung-min’s 2-RBI double and Bae Yu-ga’s 1-RBI double turned the game around, and added 4 runs in the 2nd inning to solidify the victory. Kyung-min Lee had 2 hits and 2 RBIs in 3 at-bats, and Yoo-ga Bae had 2 hits and 3 RBIs in 3 at-bats.

Possibility of ‘shock trade’… Lukaku + Cash ‘complete transfer to Roma’ ↔ Abraham ‘return to Chelsea’

The possibility of a shocking trade has been raised.

Italian media ‘Calcio Mercato’ said on the 26th (Korean time), “Roma may make a shocking offer to Chelsea,” and “Roma may proceed with a swap deal for Romelu Lukaku (30) and Tammy Abraham (25). “There is. The transaction will include cash for Lukaku,” the report said.

Chelsea’s troublemaker Lukaku moved to Roma on loan this season. This is my third reunion with coach Jose Mourinho. Lukaku, who worked well with Chelsea and Manchester United, met with coach Mourinho again when he joined Roma.

He seems satisfied with his life in Rome. Lukaku has scored goals in three consecutive games since moving to Rome. He scored his debut goal against Empoli, the winning goal against Sheriff and the opener against Torino. He scored 2 goals in 3 games in Italy’s Serie A and 1 point in 1 game in the UEFA Europa League (UEL).토토사이트

Coach Mourinho’s training worked. He is a veteran leader who has managed bad guys in the soccer world, such as Mario Balotelli, in the past. Mourinho knew Lukaku was happy after he scored his debut goal. “He is a player who needs to be happy and wants love,” he said. “As soon as Lukaku arrived, I felt he was the player Roma needed. “I think he’s really happy,” he said. “He obviously likes to win. “It’s Lukaku’s nature,” he explained.

Recently, Lukaku was branded a traitor by his former teams. According to Sky Sports, Lukaku has openly stated that he wants to move to Inter Milan, but he is known to have been secretly looking into a move to Juventus. Even his closest colleagues turned their backs on him. Lautaro Martinez (25) said, “I tried to contact Lukaku. I called him, but he never answered. The same was true for other Inter Milan colleagues. I was disappointed. He is a player with whom I have done many things over the years.” .

The relationship with the original team has been broken for a long time. It was reckless. Lukaku is still under contract with Chelsea. Chelsea spent 87.5 million pounds (approximately 145 billion won) in the 2021 summer transfer market to bring in Lukaku. From his first season, Lukaku continued to perform poorly and began to be pushed to the bench. He even got himself into trouble by saying in an interview with Sky Italia, “I’m not happy at Chelsea.” From this point on, Chelsea treated Lukaku as out of reach. Lukaku spent the 2022-23 season as a loanee at Inter Milan.

He left on his second loan move after moving to Chelsea. He achieved his dream after trying out for several teams including Juventus and Inter Milan. In an interview with Belgium’s HLN, he directly stated, “I will fly to Rome and sign a contract.” According to the UK’s Sky Sports, Lukaku’s rental fee is 8 million pounds (about 13.3 billion won).

There were even rumors of him being transferred. Calcio Mercato said, “Lukaku has established himself as Roma’s starting striker. Roma are certain to inquire about a permanent transfer to Chelsea if Lukaku continues to play well until the end of the season. Abraham could also be included in the deal. “Abraham is unable to play due to a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in his knee. He may return to Chelsea,” he added.