Throwing Kim Ha-seong and receiving only Choi… rare famous scene

Throwing Kim Ha-seong and receiving only Choi… rare famous scene

Kim Ha-seong threw and Choi Ji-man caught, creating a rare scene in the American Major League.

This is the first time that Korean players have teamed up to get an outcount in defense.

This is Reporter Kwon Sol.

Third baseman Kim Ha-seong quickly catches a ground ball.

When he turned around and threw the ball to first base, Choi Man-man sat down on the base and caught it perfectly.

Ha-seong Kim and Ji-man Choi were a perfect match throughout the game.

Los Angeles Dodgers’ Enrique Hernandez’s ball that bounced high was also out of Choi Ji-man’s hand through Kim Ha-seong.

This is the first time that a Korean beast has teamed up to catch an outcount in the major leagues.

When Ha-seong Kim entered the plate, cheers poured out from the audience.

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“Kim Ha-seong! Kim Ha-seong!”

The on-base instinct, which was on fire these days, was still the same today.

He manages to hit hard balls somehow to create a 12-game hitting streak.

Kim Ha-seong, who even got a walk, succeeded in multi-on-base today.

It is a record of 14 consecutive matches.

He will reach a significant milestone for an Asian player when he hits multi-on-base again tomorrow against the Dodgers.메이저놀이터

In 2007, he tied the record for the most multiple on-base by an Asian player in the Major League, set by Japanese baseball star Ichiro.

This is Kwon Sol from Channel A News.

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