The ‘filial piety item’ is also skewed… Korean archery, to escape from sluggishness

The ‘filial piety item’ is also skewed… Korean archery, to escape from sluggishness

Korean archery, which was a ‘filial piety sport’ that was believed and watched, ended the World Championships with a disappointing result. Although it is largely due to difficulties in meeting variables such as psychological pressure and weather, there are also voices that it is necessary to thoroughly prepare for players from rapidly growing rival countries and intensive checks against Korea.

The Korean archery team started a week-long field training in Paris, France on the 8th (Korean time). At the 2023 World Archery Championships in Berlin, which ended on the 6th, Korea moved to the training ground with poor results, such as the women’s recurve team only winning no medals. From the 15th, it plans to restore its honor by participating in the 4th competition of the Hyundai Archery World Cup, which will be held as a test event for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

It was a performance below expectations that did not match the reputation of the strongest country in archery. Korea won two gold medals and one bronze medal at the World Championships. It was an unacceptable result for Korea, which aims to dominate all events. The women’s recurve national team failed to hunt for medals in the individual and team events for the first time in 44 years since the 1979 Berlin Games. He also failed to medal in the men’s recurve individual event.

However, the men’s recurve national team (Kim Woo-jin, Lee Woo-seok, and Kim Je-deok) won the team event and secured an early ticket to the Paris Olympics. In the recurve mixed team event, Woojin Kim and Sihyeon Sihyeon reached the top, while the women’s compound team (Yoohyeon Oh, Chaewon So, Yunsoo Song) won a valuable bronze medal.스포츠토토

Korean players are said to have felt a lot of pressure in this tournament. Analysts say that the unexpected dropout in the round of 16 of the recurve women’s team event and the psychological factor of having to keep the best position overlapped, which also affected the individual competition. An official from the Korea Archery Association said, “The players seem to have struggled due to the psychological burden and weather variables such as strong rain and wind.”

However, it cannot be ignored that the skills of players participating in international competitions have been leveled up due to the advancement of Korean leaders abroad. There are also many opinions that Korea should be prepared for intensive checks and exposure of power against Korea, which has been in power for a long time as the strongest country in archery. The women’s recurve national team was caught in the round of 16 in the team event by Indonesia, led by Korean coach Park Young-gul. India, led by coach Woong-gi Baek, reached the top in both men’s and women’s individual competitions in the compound.

National team coach Kim Seong-hoon said through the association that day, “I am very disappointed with the results of this tournament, but I will use this as a stepping stone to prepare more meticulously.”

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