1,000 Daegu FC shooting practice?

1,000 Daegu FC shooting practice?

Daegu FC’s summer silence has been going on for quite a while. Since July, 1 win, 4 draws and 1 loss, only 4 goals scored. No foreign strikers have scored since Sejingya, who scored an equalizer in a confrontation with Suwon Samsung on the 1st of last month. Defensive line Hongcheol and Jang Seongwon scored in the victorious game against Jeju, and the only goal scored afterwards was Lee Geunho’s goal in Gwangju.

Daegu FC, suffering from a terrible goal silence, seemed quite deep in anger from manager Choi Won-kwon after the goalless draw against Ulsan. He expressed his displeasure with the offensive line in a strong tone, and sent strong reprimands to foreign strikers in particular. In a situation where the importance of the upcoming two consecutive matches in the metropolitan area is of great importance, such a strong tone of voice is read as a spleen resolution.

How are you preparing for the upcoming Incheon-Seoul expedition? Immediately after the game against Ulsan, coach Choi Won-kwon mentioned intensive training and shooting practice in the offensive line. I tried to capture the story at Daegu MBC Sports Plus. 

The regret of the draw against Ulsan?
The mental burden of not giving the fans 3 points (points) is really heavy. I really want to say I’m sorry. In this hot weather, all seats were filled, but I will prepare for the next game so that I can go back with a smile. And I think our players did a really good job preparing for it. In fact, (Hong) Cheol or (Cho) Jin-Woo got corona during the week and went to the hospital and got an IV and played, but they really did it until the end. Conversely, I think that strikers should reflect on not being able to score. This week, they kept scolding me, and I demanded to do my best… I have to do a lot better because I get a lot more salary than domestic players. But I feel very sad about that and I am angry. Even if I go to the bench today, are you going to curse at the strikers? Other than that, the players, the team organization, the counterattack counter, and the build-up worked very hard. It did very well, and I am very satisfied.

Baselos missed the goal? 
Clearly, strikers have a responsibility, so they have to play for the team to win. Also, since we are not a team that creates a lot of chances, our strikers have to risk their lives to create chances and score, but we don’t see that kind of fighting spirit. If you don’t score a goal, you have to work hard to score the next goal, but it doesn’t look like a professional at all that you don’t see that. I’ll give it a chance though. There are no strikers right now. We have to give it a chance and we will give it another chance against the upcoming Incheon match. because there are no resources. I will practice shooting 1,000 times and 2,000 times so that you can score goals.먹튀검증

Preparing for the Incheon-Seoul Expedition?
First of all, as we said, the offensive offense, especially the offensive play style, does not change. Instead, because Incheon is also fixed… Sejingya played 90 minutes and (the late) Jaehyeon didn’t play again. Ed played 70 minutes, and through time distribution, there are parts that players can demonstrate anyway. And Incheon comes out as a three-back. 3-5-2 and 3-4-3. That’s why you can go out with two tops. You can put them in the middle of the 3rd and go out as a two-top player… Anyway, I will prepare before the Incheon match while looking at the players’ combination and condition. And as you know, going to Seoul is really not easy, but I have the experience of winning it. To be honest, September, a month from August before going to the top split, is our last chance to use our style, and I think the only way is to pour in 120% of it like today.

Expectations for Ko Jae-hyun?
(Go) Jaehyun, as you know, is a very sincere friend. And she is from Daegu. Her attachment to her Daegu team is incredibly strong. That’s why I think her fans, especially Jaehyun, like her very much. So she didn’t make it to the game, but I believe she really did her best to cheer for the real team. Not only that, but the 1st and 2nd team players who can’t go to our games really eagerly support our 1st team. Our team is such a team. I think you should do it with that kind of power. Jaehyun took a good rest, but in fact, mentally, he had a really hard time after failing in the Asian Games. We ate separately, called each other alone and talked, but I think you have to overcome it… and grow up. Since he always played a role as a goalkeeper at very important times even before Incheon, I believe that Jaehyun will play an active role in the remaining games in the future. 


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