Olympiacos, who was ‘reckless’, eventually changed his words “Hwang In-beom has a 1+2 year contract, but…”

Olympiacos, who was ‘reckless’, eventually changed his words “Hwang In-beom has a 1+2 year contract, but…”

Olympiacos changed their words. He once said he signed a 3-year contract with Hwang In-beom (27), but now he admits that it was actually a 1+2 year contract.

Greek media such as ‘Gazeta’ and ‘SDNA’ reported on the 14th (Korean time) that the contract Hwang In-beom signed with Olympiacos was 1+2 years. This is news that overturns previous reports that persistently insisted on a three-year contract.

Still, he continued to point out that the problem lies with Hwang In-beom, not Olympiacos. Gazzetta claimed, “Don’t get confused. Olympiacos signed a 1+2 year contract with Hwang In-beom, but it’s not in the form of an option. He signed a two-year contract himself.”

The media continued, “Hwang In-beom went to the relevant department with the contract and asked to renew the expired work permit. Everyone knows that Olympiacos’ actions were legal. So, in the end, Hwang In-beom paid 3 million euros to the club to get approval for the transfer. (approximately 4.4 billion won) to 4 million euros (approximately 5.8 billion won). If he was a free agent (FA), why would he do that?”

Hwang In-beom wore the Olympiacos uniform last summer. He left behind a short half year at FC Seoul and entered the Greek stage. As soon as he transferred, he played in 40 games across all competitions in the 2022-2023 season and established himself as a key midfielder.

Hwang In-beom was the undisputed ace of Olympiacos. After the season, he was recognized for his performance by being named ‘Olympiacos’ Player of the Year’ announced by the Greek Professional Football Superliga Elada.

After conquering Greece, Hwang In-beom wanted a bigger challenge and pushed for a transfer. In fact, it is known that several teams have shown interest in him this summer, including Serie A Napoli and Inter Milan, Bundesliga Eintracht Frankfurt and Borussia Monchengladbach.

Hwang In-beom is also dreaming of a transfer. On the 11th, Gazeta said, “Hwang In-beom requested a transfer. Now, Olympiacos lawyers will have the right to speak.” said.

Olympiacos announced a strong response, saying it was a breach of contract. According to Gazeta, Olympiacos has declared that no player is above the team. The media strongly pointed out, “Hwang In-beom’s behavior is generally considered inappropriate and unprofessional.”

Legal action is expected. According to Spottime, Olympiacos has already referred the Hwang In-beom issue to the club’s legal services. ‘IN’ also emphasized, “Olympiacos will take Hwang In-beom’s transfer request to the extreme,” and “Olympiacos is irritated by his attitude. The only solution is a lawsuit.”

Like this, the Greek media criticized Hwang In-beom in unison, but Hwang In-beom’s side also had grounds for requesting a transfer. Because it was 1+2 years, not 3 years with Olympiacos last year. As Hwang In-beom has already spent a year in Greece, he could leave the team if he did not sign a new contract this summer.

In the first place, Hwang In-beom was unable to sign a three-year contract with Olympiacos last year. Although he temporarily suspended his contract with Rubin Kazan (Russia) in the aftermath of the Russo-Ukrainian War, he was with Rubin Kazan until June 2023, the original contract period. As such, it was impossible for him to sign a contract with another team until after June 2023.

If Hwang In-Beom’s contract was to include beyond June 2023, the new team had no choice but to formally sign him through negotiations with Rubin Kazan. However, Olympiacos did not pay a transfer fee to Rubin Kazan and embraced him using a special clause.

However, the buyout clause seems to be the key. Hwang In-beom’s side claims that there was a buyout clause of 3 million to 4 million euros when the contract was extended for two years, but Olympiacos is known to deny this.메이저놀이터

Gazeta said, “Olympiacos will only accept 6 million euros (about 8.7 billion won) to 7 million euros (about 10.2 billion won). This is the amount Galatasaray, the most interested team, can pay.”

Regardless of the situation, it is difficult to imagine a picture where Hwang In-beom and Olympiacos will accompany each other in the next season. Because the conflict has already gone too deep. Hwang In-beom has already been excluded from the pre-season and the third qualifying round of the European Football Federation Europa League. Although the transfer window deadline is approaching, a picture of him leaving in search of a new team is ideal.

Olympiacos is also looking for a replacement for Hwang In-beom. According to IN, Olympiacos are discussing the signing of Paul Acuoku, who plays for Real Betis in La Liga. It is known that he has been eyeing him since last June and has already offered 2 million euros (about 2.9 billion won).

Akuoku is not the end. According to the media, Olympiacos is also targeting Sando Eze (CA Huracan), who is active on the Argentine stage, and wants to sign at least one more central midfielder. At the end of the transfer market, Hwang In-beom’s future is becoming a hot topic, but as the difference between the two sides is so great, it is not expected that it will be easy to solve the problem quickly.


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