“I won, but I’m ashamed, I’m ashamed, but I’m glad”

“I won, but I’m ashamed, I’m ashamed, but I’m glad”

2023 Sawfalcosanol Legend League 1R 2G
Uiseong Garlic wins 2-1 against Yongin Purium

(Hangame Baduk=Reporter Han Chang-gyu) The stage of the seniors, who have been renovated to the Legend League from this year, has changed the participating teams significantly and the composition of each team’s players There were also big changes. Among the total of 32 leaguers, only two players belong to the same team as the previous year.

It is a major replacement that is no different from starting a new league. In addition, four new teams, half of the eight teams, entered. Yongin Purium and Uiseong Garlic are also new teams. These two teams faced off on the morning of the 15th at the Go TV studio.

A confrontation with 9th dan Seo Neung-wook, who cannot avoid a fight. Kwon Hyo-jin, 7th dan (left), repulsed the unreasonable battle of Seo Neung-wook, 9th dan, who risked his life in battle. Commentator Cho Hye-yeon said, “Oh my God,” several times.

The 2023 Sawfalcosanol Legend League 1st round 2 matches were fierce for the debut of the new teams, who had their first win. All three editions showed a hot game in terms of content and results.

The winner is Uiseong Garlic. Countless reversals and reversals have occurred. In particular, the 29-year-old car match between Lee Ji-hyun and Lee Ki-seop, which took a team match at 1-1, repeated the atmosphere in the review room surrounding the ‘200th album award match’.

In the turbulent situation of the final stage, the examination room repeatedly exclaimed exclamations close to sighs.

7th dan Kwon Hyo-jin, who focused on this game in the review room after giving the team the first point, said, “My heart trembled, so every time I made a move, both teams exclaimed.

Lee Ji-hyeon, 5th Dan, who was involved in the match, said, “I felt embarrassed and ashamed to win, but I feel fortunate to have won.”메이저놀이터

9th dan Choi Gyu-byeong (right), who had been inferior to 9th dan Oh Gyu-cheol with 7 wins and 12 losses, seized the victory at the match point surrounding the defeat following the break-up in Seonsil-ri.

In the regular season, in which 8 teams select 4 teams to advance to the postseason in the double league, on the 16th, Uijeongbu Happy City and Star Yeongcheon will face each other in 3 games in the 1st round. The individual matches are Cho Dae-hyeon-Kim Dong-myeon (11:9), Yoo Chang-hyeok-Kim Jong-soo (14:1), Kim Dong-yeop-Seo Bong-soo (3-14, opponents in parentheses).

The prize money for the 2023 Sawfalco Sanol Legend League is 35 million won for the championship, 15 million won for the runner-up, 10 million won for the third place, and 5 million won for the fourth place. Apart from the team prize money, the winner of the regular season will receive 700,000 won and the loser will receive 400,000 won. The allowance for non-participation is 200,000 won.


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