Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, Sheker and Ing Si-bae, 3 finalists… Clash from the 21st

Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, Sheker and Ing Si-bae, 3 finalists… Clash from the 21st

Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, will challenge for the first championship.

Shin Jin-seo, 9th dan, will play the 9th Ing Cup World Baduk Championship final 1st round against Sheke (China) 9th dan in Shanghai, China on the 21st. The 2 finals will be held on the 23rd, and the final 3 will be held on the 24th.

The final of this tournament was held two years and seven months after the semifinal in the aftermath of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

Jinseo Shin, 9th dan, advanced to the final by beating Zhao Chenyu, 9th dan of China 2-0 in the third semi-final held in January 2021. Shaker 9th Dan entered the finals with a 2-0 victory over Japan’s Ryo Ichiriki 9th Dan.

In the final of the same age group born in 2000, Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, is predicted to have the upper hand.

The new 9th Dan won four championships in major world competitions while holding the top spot in the domestic rankings for 44 months. On the other hand, Sheker 9th, ranked 21st in China, has the best performance of runner-up in the 2021 Dream Cup.메이저놀이터

It is the first time the two have faced each other in the finals, and in 2017, when they were rookies, Min-Bae Lee faced off once in the round of 16 of the World Rookie Baduk Final, and Shaker 9th Dan won.

Held once every four years and called the Go Olympics, Ing’s Cup uses the Ing’s rules devised by the late Ing Chang-chi, the founder of the tournament. Ing-ssi-bae, which applies the Ing-ssi rule called ‘lordosis law’, is marked with a point that is not a house, and the bonus is 8 points (7 and a half houses).

Ing’s prize money is 400,000 dollars (approximately 536 million won), the highest amount for a single competition, and the runner-up prize is 100,000 dollars (approximately 134 million won).

In the meantime, five Koreans have won the championship at Ingssi Cup, including first-time winner Cho Hoon-hyeon (9p), Seo Bong-soo (9p), Yoo Chang-hyeok (9p), Lee Chang-ho (9p), and Choi Cheol-han (9p). In China, Chang Hao 9 dan, Pan Tingyu 9 dan, and Tang Weixing 9 dan lifted the championship cup.

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