Coach Klinsman, who has been involved in various controversies for ‘frequent outings, ignoring K-leagues, AG selection’ “The method of observing players has changed from the past, Lee Kang-in is a player of the A national team, not the Asian Games” 

Coach Klinsman, who has been involved in various controversies for ‘frequent outings, ignoring K-leagues, AG selection’ “The method of observing players has changed from the past, Lee Kang-in is a player of the A national team, not the Asian Games” 

Jurgen Klinsmann, national team coach A (59, Germany), opened his mouth to the controversy.

It was not a face-to-face press conference. On the 18th, an unprecedented online conference was held with a sports magazine. As known, director Klinsman is currently staying in the United States. Although it has only been five months since his appointment, voices of distrust towards manager Klinsman continue to rise due to various controversies. On top of that, with 2 draws and 2 losses in the first 4 games, and the worst report card ever, concerns about the A national team are growing. This is the background to the online meeting between coach Klinsman and the Korea Football Association.

The first thing that came up was, of course, frequent outings. Coach Klinsmann has been on the cutting board for frequent trips to the United States since his days with the German national team. Perhaps because of concerns about this, the association announced the appointment of director Klinsman, emphasizing that it had decided to reside in Korea. Director Klinsman also said, “I will stay in Korea.” But the reality was different. Coach Klinsman has already been abroad four times since his appointment. He stayed in Korea for only 67 days during the 5 months. Director Klinsman said, “It’s a bit exaggerated to conclude that he doesn’t live in Korea.” “This time, it was because of the schedule before signing the contract. Last week, I watched Son Heung-min’s game while digesting my personal schedule in Ireland. I also plan to convene. The time I will be in Korea will increase.”

The biggest problem with frequent outings is that they are unable to watch the K-League in person. In the case of Ahn Hyun-beom (Jeonbuk Hyundai), who made his debut in the last A match, he even committed the mistake of not using it properly by selecting players without seeing them in person. Coach Klinsman said, “I watched a lot of games. I watched not only the K-League, but also the national team by age group, the U-League, and even the Osan High School game. Of course, many players would like to get a chance, but there is a standard that we think of as a representative player. We have to prepare not only for the Asian Cup but also for the World Cup. We are drawing a big picture, not limited to Korea. I want to say that the coaches are constantly watching.”

They also drew a line about the perception that they prefer Europeans. Coach Klinsmann once again stood at the center of controversy by selecting Park Gyu-hyeon (Dinamo Dresden), who plays in the German 3rd division, over the top players in the K-League. Coach Klinsman said, “When I led the U.S. national team to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, there were 13 Major League Soccer players. Now, the national team also has players playing not only in Europe, but also in the Middle East and Japan. How they play is more important than Europe itself.” “I’m always thinking about how to pick the best players.”

However, he also made it clear that he would maintain the current system of coaches residing overseas and making them two in one with the domestic one, and checking the players through videos. Coach Klinsman said, “Coachs Paolo Stringarana and Andreas Herrchowk check players in many leagues and countries, and in Korea, advisor Cha Du-ri and coach Michael Kim are watching. The way we observe and communicate with players has changed from 20 to 30 years ago. We can go to the stadium and meet in person, but we are checking and observing in a different way.”먹튀검증

Gudeok Stadium in Busan/ June Hana Bank invited national soccer team friendly match/ Men’s A national team/ Training/ Coach Jurgen Klinsmann/ Group/ Scrum/ Photo Donghyuk Kwak
He also expressed his intention to focus on his strength as a managerial director. Coach Klinsman said, “A player cannot develop in the national team. He must develop and show good shape in the club. It is not easy to change after coming to the national team. They give advice and have conversations. Only when they do well can they have a positive impact on the national team.”

He took a firm stance on the recent controversial Asian Games team and the overlapping controversy. Team A will have a European away schedule from September 4th to 12th. Hwang Seon-hong, coach of the Asian Games national team, who has not yet had a full team convened, planned to train with all the final entrants during this period, but Klinsman coach Lee Kang-in (PSG), Hong Hyun-seok (Ghent), Seol Young-woo (Ulsan Hyundai), and some other Asians. They are insisting on calling the members of the game to Team A. Coach Klinsman said, “The A match and the Asian game call time are different. I will play the A match and be selected for the Asian game.”

Coach Klinsman said, “I am learning why the Asian Games are important. Rather, in the case of Park Kyu-hyun, I am persuading his team that does not know special situations such as military problems.” I think players who are included in the A-match roster are digesting A-match. I plan to actively help them so that they can show a good performance in the Asian Games later. However, it seemed that he did not understand at all that what coach Hwang wanted was training. Even if Lee Kang-in wanted to join the Asian Games team, he said firmly, “I will tell you that you are a player of the A team. I will tell you to play an A match and go to China to buy and play.”

As for the reason for promoting the Vietnam War in October, “I also want to play against the world’s most powerful country. Nowadays, it is difficult to find a good match-up because of the European Nations League. We decided to prepare for this. We prepared for other types and considered that we could meet in the Asian Cup or World Cup qualifiers.” Regarding the grouping for the 2026 World Cup 2nd qualifying round, he said, “It’s an interesting group. It’s not an easy group, but it’s positive. We’re the most powerful candidates for first place in our group, but we’ll analyze well and bring good results.” South Korea was placed in Group C along with China, Thailand and Singapore-Guam winners.

Finally, coach Klinsman said, “I talked with the staff about playing aggressive football and fun football. We are thinking about how modern football plays attacking football and how to apply it to us. It is important to get close. It is my soccer to send them to the opposing team as quickly as possible and increase the time spent playing in the opposing team, and to bring results here,” he said. If players have to develop every day, it is important for the national team to continuously observe how modern football trends change and how competing countries develop while preparing for major tournaments. It is difficult to operate in your own way as there is an association’s plan. It’s important to have a view, how to prepare, and show how you can be better than your opponent.”

-How do you feel about the meeting?

▶ It would have been nice to see the face in person, but zoom has been common since the corona era, and it’s not bad to have a meeting like this. I only see reporters at the convocation, but after thinking about whether I could share information other than the convocation, I decided to hold a zoom meeting. I plan to tell you how to observe the players and how to prepare.

  • The groupings for the 2nd qualifying round came out.

▶The World Cup 2nd Qualifying Round was organized before watching the Team K League match. I saw it with the staff at the office. interesting joe Positive. It’s a good lottery. It’s not easy Joe, but it’s positive. China is also difficult. Thailand also needs to look out for in the future. The Singapore-Guam winner should also be watched. As much as I know the opponent, I will prepare for the upcoming match in a planned way, how to collect information and prepare. While analyzing, of course, he is the most likely candidate for first place in our group, but we will analyze well and bring good results.

  • Living abroad is getting too long.

▶There is an exaggeration that concludes that you do not live in Korea. In fact, there was a schedule before signing the contract in July and August. Last week in Ireland, I also watched Son Heung-min’s game while on a personal schedule. He doesn’t mean to stay in Korea. He plans to play an A match in September, and then call in domestic players in November and December. My time in Korea will increase. As you know, I watched Team K League matches, and not being in Korea at all is an exaggeration. As I said, the way I observe and communicate with players is different from 20 to 30 years ago. You can go to the stadium and meet in person, but we are constantly meeting, checking, and observing the game in a different way, and our project needs to prepare not only for the Asian Cup but also for the World Cup. It is drawing a big picture, not limited to Korea. I want to say that I am continuously observing as well as myself. The time spent in Korea will inevitably increase in the second half.

  • With the current method, it is inevitable to select K-Leagues.

▶I watched as many matches as possible. I also watch a lot of advisor Cha Du-ri and coach Michael Kim in Korea. Over the past 10 days, Stralinga and Köpke have seen it, followed by Head Coach Hertzok. I watched not only the K-League, but also the U-League and Osan High School. I also watched representative matches by age group of 20 and 24. We are checking how many pools there are and how the players are running them. Looking at the national team roster and reserve list, I think I will observe many players, but I usually check around 30 players. March and June roster changes. We have to see how much it will change in the future, and we constantly look at it and think about how to discover good players and properly join them. I understand the feelings of the players. Players would also want to get a chance, but the national team has the qualities we think. ability must be clearly assessed. no one can come While continuously observing and discussing, I wonder what the next convocation, Asian Cup roster will be like. watching and observing

-The problem of overlapping with the Asian Games national team, including Lee Kang-in.

▶ The call-up period for A-match and the Asian Games are different. These players will digest the Asian Games and be selected for the Asian Cup. I hope to play for the A national team and play in the Asian Games. I also expect the Asian Games to produce good results. It’s an important tournament, and I’m sure we’ll do well. Since the two schedules do not overlap, I hope Lee Kang-in will show a good performance.

-The problem is that the training time overlaps.

▶I think that the A-team players will join during the A-match period. We have an important match between Wales and Saudi Arabia. It is important to digest and join the Asian Games team. After the A match, the entire period of the Asian Games is not a period of compulsory borrowing, but I will go back to my team and enter the Asian Games. I intend to actively help. I will do what I can to help the European clubs communicate with the clubs, help the Asian Games, and keep pace, not during the mandatory recruitment period. If you are included in the A-match roster, you think of it as digesting the A-match.

-Are you aware of the importance of the Asian Games?

▶It is fortunate that the two schedules do not overlap. It is not that many players go to the Asian Games by joining the A national team without overlapping. Some players can raise their senses and show the best performance in the A team. I hope to go to the Asian Games with the best performance possible. I will do my best to join the Asian Games team after the Saudi game. I want to deliver good energy after winning two games in a row. Lee Kang-in will be the main player, and I will make sure that these players have a good flow. I also understand director Hwang Seon-hong’s grievances. I will try to join as much as possible so that I can buy time for the parts where the two schedules do not overlap. learning while talking culturally new. I have studied and heard why the Asian Games are important and that this is a military issue. Being asked this question, it is a more important tournament than I thought. Lee Kang-in wants to be of great help if he is exempted from military service. I am learning cultural differences, and I am trying to learn more. In the case of Park Kyu-hyun, he had many phone calls with Dresden. I didn’t understand. They do not know the importance of the Asian Games. Europe doesn’t understand. I am also teaching Dresden an understanding in the process of learning. A match was selected in June, and if the Asian Games are good, the club cannot use it for more than 10 games, including an A match and the Asian Cup, which is a big loss for the club. I don’t understand, but I’m also communicating, and I’m telling you that when Park Kyu-hyun joins, gets good grades, and solves these military problems, it can be of great help to the player or club. I was also new, but I am communicating with the club about issues related to military affairs and the importance of the Asian Games.

  • If Lee Kang-in says he wants to focus on the Asian Games national team, will you listen?

▶If you get in touch with me, I will say that you are a representative of the Asian Games, but you are also a member of the A national team. I will tell you to do a good match and go to China to have an accident. I want to play a good match and have a positive impact on the Asian Games. If you look at Lee Kang-in’s personality, he can get along and adapt in 30 minutes after joining the team. A match is important. I want to go to China with good results and tell them to buy it.

-What is Klinsmann’s attack soccer?

▶ When talking with the coaching staff as well as me, they said let’s play aggressive soccer and fun soccer. The goalkeeping coach and Cha Doo-ri are the same. Our tactics are important, but we are not developing something that is not in the new modern football, but we are studying how modern football operates offensively. I am trying to figure out what to do and how to incorporate it while watching the Champions League. Offensive football should be spread quickly to the front. Even if you build up, you need to quickly connect to the second line and approach the opponent’s goal as quickly as possible. Long balls are also possible. You need to send it to the opponent’s camp as quickly as possible to increase the time you play in the opponent’s camp. During the two A matches, he created quite a lot of chances. Fans would have enjoyed it. Of course, it has to bring results. We know that results matter. It’s a pity that it doesn’t. I intend to operate it that way. The most important player to do that is Kim Min-jae. The ability to spray forward, and dribbling is also possible. We need to bring out the active tendencies of these players. The midfielder is also communicating to pass forward. If you show us the next game, we will show better results in attack soccer.

  • Regarding the point that you focus only on Europeans.

▶ It is not a preference for Europeans. The door to the national team is open to all players. I try to watch as much as possible. When he led the U.S. national team to the World Cup in Brazil, there were 13 Major League Soccer players on the national team. European preference is not true. I am trying to find the best possible combination by looking at many players. We are checking players from leagues and countries with a lot of stringers and hair chokes. In Korea, Cha Du-ri and Michael are checking. She is thinking about how to select the best players. Players cannot develop on the national team. You have to develop and show good shape in the club. It is not easy to change after coming to the national team. Rather than the league, I think it would be better to think about which team to go to and which team to play and grow in. Advise and talk during the transfer process. Only when they do well can they have a positive impact on the national team. There are players who play not only in the league, but also in the Middle East and Japan. It is more important how to play and grow than Europe. The A-match in March and the A-match in June have changed a lot. After 10 days, the A-match list will appear, and see how it changes. I was only summoned twice in time. While getting to know and preparing, I observe quite a lot of players, and I am observing them. I hope you will watch how the roster changes, scouting, and finding combinations.

  • What is the role and duty of a national team coach that only Clins thinks of? He thinks he’s good at this one.

▶You have to evaluate whether you are doing well as the national team coach. I’m not saying I’m doing well or not. I want to compare the role of the national team with the club team. Very different. Club teams have games every week, and they have to figure out the flow or trend of the national league and develop their players every day. It is important for the national team to prepare for major tournaments. There are upcoming major tournaments, the Asian Cup and the World Cup. While preparing for such a competition, we must continuously observe how the modern soccer trend is changing and how competing countries are developing. I am watching a lot of European Champions League right now. It is the best competition ever. He is playing football at the highest level. Other national coaches are also studying the new football, tactics and trends shown in the European Champions League. Neither do I. We need to approach it with an international perspective. I’ve been studying a lot about Japan lately, and I’m having a conversation with the association about why there are 50 to 60 Europeans in Japan and why there is a secretariat there. It is difficult for the national team coach to push the management method to the way I want. Because there is also a plan of the association. You have to operate accordingly. We are talking continuously now. The role of the national team is different from that of the national team. Coach Hong Myung-bo also had a time in the national team, but he is showing good form in Ulsan. The management method will be different between the national team and the affiliated team. I was also on the club team. Different from now. It is important for the national team to have an international perspective and show the trend of modern football, preparation for major competitions, and how much better they can be than their rivals.

▶Of course, it’s good to deal with the world’s strongest country. Neither do I. These days, there are many competitions in each continent, so it is not easy to match up. There are difficulties, then how to get the most out of A matches, then let’s prepare for the Asian Cup. I thought it would be good to do a different type and prepare. We have to meet Vietnam in the Asian Cup or qualifiers, not a weak team. not a weakling I was worried about how to make the most of it when I couldn’t meet a good team.

-You said that in June, Son Heung-min was the only player on the attacking line who could play for 90 minutes.

▶Many Europeans are unable to play 90 minutes. Only Kim Min-jae, Son Heung-min, Hong Hyun-suk, and Hwang In-beom are playing full-time. Oh Hyun-kyu and Hwang Hee-chan can only play for about 30 minutes. It wasn’t that he couldn’t maintain quality for 90 minutes, but he pointed out physical problems. It’s a concern. When convened during two A-matches in September or October, I plan to help with data on how strong the players are, whether they can improve, and how they can help the national team through the player test. There may be a difference in physical strength and performance between a player who runs 90 minutes and a player who runs 30 minutes. It is important to increase it through a lot of playing time. I have a lot of trouble.

  • Last impression.

▶Thank you. I received a lot of questions, but I want to do the same as I asked. I also thought a lot. I hope you can help me by getting to know how to approach it while having a conversation through Zoom. Next time I will ask a lot of questions.

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