Injury to your precious body… San Diego made Ha-seong Kim’custom helmet’

Injury to your precious body… San Diego made Ha-seong Kim’custom helmet’

It was Kim Ha-sung’s trademark running with his helmet off, but it seems difficult to see now. The club prepared a custom helmet for Kim Ha-seong in fear of getting hurt by the ‘precious body’.

This is reporter Choi Jong-hyeok.


When he hits and runs, he always takes off his hair and dances with his hair fluttering, making fans go wild.

Kim Ha-seong, who had only one left until 30 stolen bases, held on to his helmet as a habit even when stealing the base and after the home run he hit on the 17th.

Fans made a ‘Kim Ha-sung helmet map’ to symbolize Kim Ha-sung’s hustle play, and the club also added details to Kim Ha-sung’s doll.

[Kim Ha-seong/San Diego: The helmet is a little big? Do they look alike?]

In fact, Ha-seong Kim confessed that the helmet didn’t fit perfectly.

There was a reason he often peeled off.

Even if you compare Head First Sliding, in Korea, the helmet completely covers Kim Ha-sung’s head.

It’s a scene that brings joy to big league fans, but the club couldn’t leave it as it is.

This is because it may lead to injury.스포츠토토

[Haseong Kim/San Diego: {How is the pad now? I think it’s too much or maybe a little… } This is a bit much. Do you think this is a bit much?]

He finally made a custom helmet for him.

[Manny Machado/San Diego: Will this go well on my head? Make sure the helmet doesn’t come off your head during the game. That’s the most important thing!]

Kim Ha-seong, who played the game wearing a new helmet, got off to a good start with a hit in his first at-bat.

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