The largest number of spectators in women’s sports… “Let’s not forget this day”

The largest number of spectators in women’s sports… “Let’s not forget this day”

In the United States, more than 92,000 spectators flocked to a women’s college volleyball game. 

This is the largest attendance record ever for women’s sports.

This is reporter Park Geon-young. 

The stadium is entirely red, as if it was painted with paint. 

Without exception, the waves of fans wearing red cheering uniforms are overwhelming.

306 games sold out, 92,003 people on this day alone. 

[John Cook / Nebraska coach]
“In the end, we did it.”

It is expected to enter the Guinness Book of World Records as the record for the largest number of spectators at a women’s sporting event.

The excitement of the day continues even after the game ends.

The American local media covered it as news until the next day. 

[Jessica Britt / Visitor]
“It was the best experience. It showed the possibility that women can do it too.”

The team posted a video recalling the emotions of that day, saying, “We will never forget this day.”

There are endless cheering relay comments on the university’s SNS. 

Even the former player was left feeling overwhelmed, saying, “It gives me goosebumps and I can’t help but cry.”

Compliments poured in from fans who cried throughout the game and from all over the world, including Australia.안전놀이터

Classes were canceled at nearby schools to watch the game.

[Bradley Clark / High School Student]
“Classes have been cancelled. Everyone is encouraged to go to the stadium. The atmosphere is exciting.”

The club also changed the American football field into a volleyball stadium for its fans. 

Even the fans who put everything aside and flocked in.

It is clear that it was a match that left a record in sports history.  

This is Park Geon-young from Channel A News.

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