‘Is there time in dreams?’… Kim Jong-seok’s wish to overcome ‘retirement’, “I still aim to represent the national team”

‘Is there time in dreams?’… Kim Jong-seok’s wish to overcome ‘retirement’, “I still aim to represent the national team”

“It may be too late, but making the national team is still my greatest goal and dream.”

This is my second year back on the professional stage. The soccer life of Kim Jong-seok (28), a key multi-player at Gimpo FC, was like a roller coaster. He graduated from the prestigious Pohang Steel High School in soccer and joined the prestigious Pohang Steelers of the K League, but his first year as a professional was not easy. He missed winter training, the most important time for a rookie player, due to injury. He didn’t even have time to make a mark for a chance to play.

Kim Jong-seok, who had deep regrets in his first year as a member, said, “Before I joined the professional team, I had never had an injury. I suffered a stress fracture right before I joined. I was unable to participate in winter training and missed half the season. The following year, I broke my fibula. “I couldn’t go to winter training for two years in a row. My rookie year is important, but I spent two years injured,” he recalled.

In his third year as a player, Kim Jong-seok transferred to Ansan Greeners of K League 2. After playing for half a season, he was released from the team. It was difficult to show off my skills properly due to a major injury that continued for two years in a row. He also chose to go to the lower league. Kim Jong-seok moved on loan to Gimhae City Hall (National League, K3 level at the time).

The demon of his injury caught up with him again. After transferring to Gimhae, Kim Jong-seok collapsed due to a ruptured cruciate ligament two months later. It was a crossroads in his career. Before he could achieve the goal he had dreamed of since elementary school, he even considered taking off his soccer shoes.

It was the most difficult time of a player’s life. It is said that his older brother was his greatest strength. He is also the best colleague who has been through hardships and hardships together since elementary school. Kim Jong-seok’s older brother is Pohang Steelers midfielder Kim Jong-woo (29). Kim Jong-seok said, “When I injured my cruciate ligament, I wondered if I should quit soccer. I think injuries are a reflection of a player’s ability,” and added, “My older brother (Kim Jong-woo) gave me a lot of comfort during difficult times. He was very sad that he couldn’t do anything for me.” He said, “He helped me calm down while I was on the phone. We are still good friends. We still talk to each other once a day.”

In fact, I took my last chance. Kim Jong-seok made up his mind by joining K3’s Pyeongtaek Citizen. He led Pyeongtaek’s attack with excellent linkage play and unique goal-making ability. He appeared in 18 games and scored 9 goals, ranking him 5th in the league’s overall scoring list. The Cheonan City Football Club (currently Cheonan City FC, then K3) took note of Kim Jong-seok’s excellent sense of scoring and reached out.

A year after receiving the opportunity, his skills were in full bloom. Kim Jong-seok, who has emerged as Cheonan’s key striker, became the top scorer by scoring 16 goals in 23 games in the 2021 season. As a shadow striker, he utilized team play and active penetration to emerge as the best striker in the K3 League.

Kim Jong-seok, whose name was gradually becoming known, caught the eye of coach Jeong-woon Ko (57), known as the legendary striker during his time as a player. He successfully turned professional in 2022 and became a founding member of Gimpo FC, which joined K League 2. Kim Jong-seok, who mainly played as a striker, mainly played as a central midfielder in his first year at Gimpo. With his vigorous activity and aggressive movements, he served as a vital force for Gimpo.

He was a player that coach Go Jeong-woon trusted and used. Kim Jong-seok played 36 games (2 goals, 3 assists) and became a key multi-player for Gimpo. For the 2023 season, he is switching between attacking midfielder and shadow striker. Let’s focus more on attack, and Kim Jong-seok is recording 2 goals and 3 assists in 14 games.

Despite the change in position, Kim Jong-seok said, “I think I scored more attack points when I was on the offensive side. I feel confident. I think chance-making is my strength. I thought that if I wanted to survive in the K-League, I shouldn’t play only one position. Which position?” “It doesn’t matter,” he said, expressing confidence.토토사이트

Recently, he was mainly active as a midfielder, but his attacking instincts were still sharp. Kim Jong-seok said, “I want to add about 5 attack points in the remaining games,” and pledged, “I like both goals and assists. I want to score more points this season.”

This season is getting closer to the end. Gimpo, who created a sensation by going undefeated in 13 games (7 wins) in the early part of the season, is currently in 4th place with 48 points after playing 28 games. This is a performance that allows them to advance to the promotion playoffs and even compete for the championship. There is a 5-point difference with leader Busan (53 points) and an 8-point difference with 7th place Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province (40 points from 27 games). They are putting their lives on the line in every game to get promoted to K League 1.

Kim Jong-seok said, “Until this season, it was difficult to dream of advancing to the playoffs.” He added, “I think it’s okay to be greedy now. If we head to the playoffs, I think we should aim for promotion. The games coming up right now are important. We play every game like it’s the final. “There is,” he said.

This is Kim Jong-seok, who has had a not-so-easy life in soccer. Although he is approaching the 30-year mark, he still has not lost sight of his dream of playing for the A national team. Lee Soon-min (29, Gwangju FC), who is considered a representative of the great plastic surgery, recently received his first call to the national team.

Kim Jong-seok, who always chases his dreams, said, “I get motivation by watching players like Lee Sun-min and Park Jin-seop (27, Jeonbuk Hyundai). I get strength when I see players who came up from below doing well. I don’t think there’s anything I can’t do. First of all, I have to do well in Gimpo. “This is the most important thing. I will continue to prepare and work hard,” he said emphatically. He then expressed his aspirations, saying, “Everyone dreams of making the national team. It may be too late, but I still have it as my top goal. I want to become a member of the national team someday.”


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