‘Happiness begins after hard work’ Hwang In-beom prepares for the A match… The problem is 4 months of game experience

‘Happiness begins after hard work’ Hwang In-beom prepares for the A match… The problem is 4 months of game experience

Hwang In-beom eased his worries by moving to Crvena Zvezda, but now he needs to improve his sense of the game.

Hwang In-beom is scheduled to start in the national team friendly match between Korea and Wales to be held at Cardiff City Stadium in Wales on September 8th at 3:45 am (Korean time).

Hwang In-beom was a hot potato in this summer’s transfer market. He wanted to leave the team just one year after his move to Olympiacos. Since Hwang In-beom was the best player in the league, Olympiacos did not let him go easily and charged a high transfer fee.

Hwang In-beom had asked Olympiacos to let him leave for 3 million euros (about 4.3 billion won) rather than the 10 million euros (about 14.3 billion won) that the team had estimated.

Hwang In-beom is claiming that he is a free agent because his existing contract was for 1+2 years. At the same time, Olympiacos is claiming that Hwang In-beom’s contract period is 3 years. Although the Olympiakos legal team is already in the process of filing a lawsuit, the bad reviews about Hwang In-beom were already accumulating due to the battle between both sides being pushed to the limit.안전놀이터

In addition to Italian teams, Freiburg, Borussia Mönchengladbach and Eintracht Frankfurt from the German Bundesliga and Fenerbahce and Galatasaray from the Turkish league have shown interest.

Galatasaray showed great interest. When asked whether Hwang In-beom could become a key player for Galatasaray, reporter Vasilakos said, “He can be included in the starting rotation. Galatasaray will pay that much because Hwang In-Beom is worth that much. And he will easily be a starter there.”

However, interest from Galatasaray and Fenerbahce disappeared, and although there was a recent agreement with Atalanta, this also fell through as Atalanta did not make an offer.

In the end, Hwang In-beom transferred to Crvena Zvezda of the Serbian League, and Zvezda made it official on the 5th (Korean time), ‘FC Crvena Zvezda recruited Hwang In-beom as the Korean representative and signed a four-year contract.’

The key now is to improve your sense of the game. Hwang In-beom did not participate in Olympiacos’ pre-season due to a dispute with his team and was in Korea. Hwang In-beom’s most recent match was against PAOK four months ago, on May 15, 2023. He had a whopping four-month gap, so it will take a lot of time for him to get his game feel, no matter how much personal training he has done.

For a soccer player, game sense is essential. If he does not play, not only his stamina but also his performance will decline. Since Hwang In-beom is an unwavering starter in the national team’s midfield, it is essential for Hwang In-beom to regain his condition.


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