‘ACL finals + FA Cup semifinals imminent’ Winner Shin Jin-ho “Incheon fans’ standards can be raised”

‘ACL finals + FA Cup semifinals imminent’ Winner Shin Jin-ho “Incheon fans’ standards can be raised”

“I think players should also live up to the higher standards.” These are Shin Jin-ho’s thoughts ahead of important competitions.

Incheon United is having its busiest season ever. Three competitions must be held simultaneously: K League 1, FA Cup, and Asian Champions League. The good performance continues so far. Expectations are rising for the end of the season as the team is ranked 7th in the league, 5 points behind 3rd place Gwangju FC (45 points), advanced to the semifinals of the FA Cup, and advanced to the Asian Champions League (ACL) finals.

We are now at an important point. In times like this, what is needed is ‘veteran power’. In addition, a winning mentality based on winning experience is needed. One Incheon player who has all of these qualities is Shin Jin-ho. Shin Jin-ho, who has experience winning the FA Cup and ACL, wore the Incheon uniform as a surprise transfer in January of this year, and has been giving great strength to the team since then.

Last February, Shin Jin-ho said at the 7th media camp for the 2023 season K-League winter training camp, “I signed a three-year contract with Incheon. I want to win the championship in Incheon. If the atmosphere and hearts of the club, coaches, players, and fans are the same as now, “I think it’s quite possible while we’re at it,” he said. With the most spectacular squad ever and a trophy in sight, Shin Jin-ho’s goal may be achieved this year.

‘Interfootball’ met Shin Jin-ho at the Incheon clubhouse during the international break and conducted an interview. Shin Jin-ho said, “Each club will have a history and various achievements, but I think the standard should be raised a little higher. In order to raise it, many good players were recruited this year. I think the standard should be raised for the fans as well. The standards for the players have also been raised. “I think we have to live up to it,” he said, revealing that he has no intention of becoming complacent.

He also spoke about the importance of winning the FA Cup. Shin Jin-ho said, “It’s still the semifinals, but if you get past the semifinals and go to the finals and get the title of champion, the learning you gain from winning and winning is much bigger and more important than what you learn from losing. We created that experience well, ) I have a goal that I hope will help the players pursue their careers as soccer players in the future.”

[The following is an interview with Shin Jin-ho]

Q. There was a team vacation after the Pohang game. How did you spend your

time? A. “It was very easy during the break. There are league schedules and ACL schedules in a row. There are many important games in September and October. I set my goals for those games and took a break.”

Q. It was your recent birthday. How did you spend it? Incheon fans congratulated you a lot.

A. “First of all, I went to two training sessions on my birthday. My teammates and fans congratulated me a lot. I had a really happy time. It was more than I expected. “A lot of people congratulated me. I’m thankful that I seem to have more fans these days. I was busy replying and re-tagging.”

(I could see a lot of comments being left on the Incheon team’s SNS posts, and a conversation with a fan became a hot topic. It seems like they communicate a lot.) “I want to communicate and have fun. On the other hand, I’m cautious, but if I do that once in a while , I was curious as to how it would be received. When I left a comment, the fan accepted it. So I left it one more time. (Laughs)”

Q. You recorded an assist in the game against Suwon FC, and reached 50 in the regular season. I think it must have had a deep meaning.

A. “I don’t want to get caught up in the numbers, but I think the value of the player increases as the record number goes up. It was a meaningful assist. In addition, it was a score that could have helped win the game at an important time. I I couldn’t assist when I came to Incheon. Our team had trouble assisting in set piece situations, but I almost cried because I was able to do it. That made me feel good.

(It seems like there was a lot of emotional pressure.) “It’s not a burden, but compared to the assists and attack points I’ve had so far, I didn’t do well this season. To be honest, I was a little stressed because it didn’t lead to results in those areas. It was more of a goal than my personal goal or what I’ve done. “We are in a good position. The point gap in the league is not that much. Also, I think we are in a very good situation because we have done what we wanted in the ACL and FA Cup to some extent.”

(I gained strength through the game against Suwon FC, and I wonder if it served as a starting point for better performance in the future) “ Increasing your attack points definitely gives you confidence. As a player, it is very important to increase your attack points. It is very important to win. It is helpful. It was an important game, and in the future, the ACL and FA Cup will be held in parallel with the league, so I hope we can increase our attack points at important moments.”

Q. What is the difference between 3-4-3 and 3-5-2 formations?

A. “With the same three back, the 3-4-3 and 3-5-2 shapes seem to be different. The 3-4-3 shape requires two midfielders to play while guarding the center. In the 3-5-2, the top Two players must participate in the attack and must actively defend when the opponent catches the ball on the side. The form is different, but they did both things in parallel even when I was not there. Even after coming here, they are doing both things. There is a big advantage. . There are good players in the attacking area, and there are good players in the midfield as well. I think being able to have two options in the same back three is a great advantage. While I was away, we achieved good results in that area. Good results. “I think we are heading in a good direction because we have brought this.”

Q. You were out for a long time due to an injury

. A. “I thought I would recover quickly, but the ligament in my toe was ruptured. It did not heal easily. I was worried about that. I wanted to return to the field as soon as possible, but the players were working hard on the field. “I was less worried because they were treating me well.”

Q. You have achieved good results in ACL. What kind of history do you want to write in Incheon

A. “I am proud just of advancing to the ACL finals. I think it is the first page in the club’s history. However, I don’t think we should be satisfied with just the group stage. Each club will have its own history. There will be various achievements, but I think the standard should be raised a little higher. In order to get higher, a lot of good players were recruited this year. I think the standard should be raised for the fans as well. I think the players should also live up to the raised standard. Simply. It’s not about advancing to the finals, but we have to show how we can overcome competition on the Asian stage and how we can play our own soccer. I think this year’s ACL is a bit more special. I don’t remember the last time it was so special, but let’s give it a try. I feel like I am doing it. From the perspective of a challenger, I have a great desire to take on the challenge. With my players, I want to harass the opponent with the soccer we are good at in the Asian Champions League. Incheon is taking on a new challenge. The challenge means a lot. Personally, I’ve had a lot of experience in the ACL, but the Japanese teams are very strong now and there are a lot of good teams overall. I think I can do it well, but I’m curious about what tactics and strategies I can use against a good team. I think it’s interesting. .메이저놀이터

Q. Based on your experience, how far can Incheon go?

A. “It is important to pass the group stage. If you advance to the tournament, the atmosphere is very important, and I think they can advance significantly. Personally, I personally think that the group stage is very important. “I think passing the league should be the unconditional goal.”

Q. At the winter training media day, you said your goal is to win with Incheon within three years. The closest thing is the FA Cup.

A. “I recently finished runner-up in the FA Cup (2020). It is an important milestone on the way to the finals. Looking back, I have won a few times, but there are many players who have not won the championship. I am the 2012 champion. I won the FA Cup for the first time as a professional in 2011. When I think about it at the time, it was very vague. While I was playing in the final, I think the thoughts of ‘Can I do this’ and ‘I can do this’ went back and forth several times. While preparing, I remember thinking, ‘If I win this, I will grow a lot’ and ‘If I don’t win this, when will I get to the finals again?’ It is still in the semifinals, but I will get past the semifinals and go to the finals and get the title of winner. “If this happens, the learning gained from winning and winning is much greater and more numerous than what is learned from losing. Our goal is to create such an experience and help the players in their future careers as soccer players.”

Q. I am making a bet with Gerso and Hernández. It’s not an easy situation.

A. “It’s not easy for Hernández either. That’s why I always say, ‘Don’t come out of the box. Stay inside. Why do you keep coming out?’ But I don’t know if he doesn’t understand what I’m saying or if he’s just pretending. I’ve been training a lot lately. I work hard. I come and train in advance. I don’t know if it’s because Mugosa came here or because I got a lot of loans. (Laughs) I also have to work hard, but I think it’s worth the challenge. I’ll try to increase my attack points in every game.

A. “When it comes to Incheon, it’s about cheering. I felt like I wasn’t able to repay the support compared to the cheering. That’s why I feel sorry. As a player, it’s shameful to feel that sorry. I want to show more results and do what I had on the field. I want to give you joy within my abilities. That’s why I chose to come to Incheon. I will always think about that and work hard to do well. Of course, we will support you in the remaining league, FA Cup, and ACL, but we ask for your support so that we can lift the trophy. “


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