Park Ji-young wins her first major title… Wemade ranked 2nd in ‘Daesang Points’

Park Ji-young wins her first major title… Wemade ranked 2nd in ‘Daesang Points’

Park Ji-young, who became the KLPGA Tour’s ‘Major Queen’ for the first time in her life, rose to second place in the 2023 season Wemade Grand Prize points.

Jiyoung Park hit 1 under par 71 in the final round of the KB Financial Star Championship, a major tournament on the KLPGA tour that ended at Blackstone Golf Club in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province on the 10th.

Park Ji-young, who recorded a final total of 286 strokes under par, beat the group tied for second place by three strokes and lifted the championship trophy. Park Ji-young was the only player in this competition to submit an under-par score.

Park Ji-young, who won the Hana Financial Group Singapore Women’s Open in the opening match held in December last year and the Ever Collagen and The Sienna Queen’s Crown in July, was the first to reach three wins this season.

Jiyoung Park, who made her debut on the KLPGA Tour in 2015, notched her seventh career win on the day and also won her first major title. By winning this competition, Jiyoung Park improved her stomach mix point ranking to 3rd. Her Wemade Grand Prize points also rose from 4th last week to 2nd.토토사이트

Lee Ye-won, who finished second in this competition, surpassed Lim Jin-hee and became first in the Wemix point rankings. The difference between Lee Ye-won and Park Ji-young’s Wemade target points and Wemix points is only 8P and 140P, respectively, so a fierce battle for the lead is expected for the remainder of the season.

Wemix Points is a golf point system calculated based on the official records of KLPGA Tour regular competitions. The ranking is determined by adding up a total of three points.

▲’Wemade Grand Prize Points’ awarded to 1st to 10th place final score of the competition ▲’Shots Allocation’ calculated by converting the final round’s performance into the number of strokes for each hole ▲’Additional points’ given for consecutive top 10 entries and cut-off penalty are added up The total score is calculated as Wemix points.

After the end of the season, prize money worth a total of 500,000 Wemix will be paid out to the top 60 Wemix points. First place receives 90,000 Wemix.

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