Korean Air was a “consistent and stable team” that ‘former Japanese national team setter’ Fukatsu faced

Korean Air was a “consistent and stable team” that ‘former Japanese national team setter’ Fukatsu faced

“It was impressive and surprising.”

Hideyomi Fukatsu is a 180cm left-handed setter who served as the team’s field commander before Masahiro Sekita, the current starting setter for the Japanese national team. While playing for the Japanese national team, he was not only selected as the best setter at the 2018 Jakarta Palembang Asian Games, but also won the best setter award four times in the Japan V. League.

Fukatsu, who has been playing for the Panasonic Panthers since the 2012-2013 season, appeared from the second set in a practice match against Korean Air held at the Panasonic Arena in Osaka, Japan on the 12th.

When Fukatsu ran the game, the atmosphere at Panasonic Court changed. Not only did it become faster, but the play occurred organically even in counterattack situations. Fukatsu also showed aggressive play by directly participating in the attack, and also directly raised the score with a strong serve.

There were several instances where Korean Air’s blockers struggled with Fukatsu’s game management during the second and third sets. Although he only appeared for a short time in the match that lasted 5 sets, he was enough to leave a strong impression on the Korean Air players and officials.

We faced Korean V-League teams in the KOVO Cup as well, but this was our first time against Korean Air. After the game, Fukatsu began by saying, “During the cup competition, I was impressed by the way the Korean teams used their strength to fight back even if they made a mistake.” He also mentioned a common aspect of the Korean team, saying, “Korean Air was similar, so I was impressed by this.”

Of course, there were also features that only Korean Air had. Fukatsu said, “The foreign director’s energy was different. I also watched last season’s Korean Air championship video on YouTube and enjoyed it. “I could feel it in this practice game because they made plays that other Korean teams didn’t make easily,” he said.스포츠토토

Before taking charge of Korean Air, coach Tommy Tilly Kainen coached in the Japanese V. League, so he was able to feel Japanese volleyball in Korean Air’s play. Fukatsu nodded, “It’s similar,” and explained, “The overall atmosphere, including defense, was similar.”

As six players from Korean Air and Panasonic were each selected to the national team, they were unable to form the perfect best lineup for this training camp. Nevertheless, it was a fierce battle until the 5th set.

Regarding Korean Air, he highly evaluated setter Yoo Gwang-woo in the same position. Fukatsu said, “All teams have ups and downs depending on the game situation, but Korean Air did not. It was impressive and surprising that the flow was consistent and stable, perhaps because the setter had a lot of experience. “It was the most difficult part to deal with against other Korean teams.”

Meanwhile, Korean Air and Panasonic will hold their second practice match at Panasonic Arena on the 13th. Afterwards, Korean Air will enter Korea on the 14th and begin final preparations for the 2023-2024 Dodram season for the remaining month.


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