‘Captain Eagle’ Yu Yu-sang showed fighting spirit until the end, and the future is bright despite defeat.

‘Captain Eagle’ Yu Yu-sang showed fighting spirit until the end, and the future is bright despite defeat.

Yoo Yu-sang played his last game wearing the Yonsei University uniform.

Yonsei University lost 57-60 in the final game against Korea University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League Playoff held at Korea University’s Hwajeong Gymnasium on the 14th.

The Yonsei University players’ fighting spirit for victory in the finals was extraordinary. Choi Hyung-chan set the tone for the game by digging into the net one after another and winning offensive rebounds, while first-year students Joo-young Lee and Ji-hoon Kang also shined.

In particular, the presence of captain and ace Yugi-san was significant. Because it was his last game wearing the Yonsei University uniform, Yoo Yoo-sang’s fighting spirit that day was considerable. Yoo Sang-sang, who led the team’s offense by scoring 10 points in the first quarter, contributed to widening the gap to 12 points by activating the outside gun again in the third quarter.

Coach Yoon Ho-jin expressed his trust in Yoo Ki-sang before the game, saying, “The player who was most disappointed after losing in the last regular game was (Yoo) Ki-sang, and his will to win today is also quite strong. Today, I plan to let Ki-sang play the way he wants.” did.

Yoo Yoo-sang, who wanted to win more than anyone else, showed his will by acting as Park Moo-bin’s dedicated defender from the regular game to the final. However, Yu Yu-sang’s fighting spirit did not lead to victory.

Yonsei University, which gave everything until the third quarter, stagnated in the fourth quarter due to lack of stamina, and eventually lost the crown to Korea University. Yu Yu-sang, who lost his sense of shooting due to the intense control, also focused on defense, drawing the opponent’s attention, and trying to save his teammate, but he was unable to smile in the end. Yu Yu-sang, who lost to Tonghae, shed tears of regret after the game ended.

Yonsei University, which reigned as the strongest team in the college league, has suffered from severe injuries since last season, when Lee Jeong-hyun and Lee Won-seok entered the professional ranks. Yoo Yoo-sang personally had a difficult time this year due to injury, including not being able to participate in the MBC boat.토토사이트

Still, the organic phase did not collapse easily. In the semifinals against Sungkyunkwan University, where the team was cornered, he performed a one-man show scoring 28 points and saved Yonsei University once again. Even though he lost to Korea University in the finals, we cannot throw stones at him.

Park Moo-bin, who competed fiercely with Yoo Yu-sang throughout college, also applauded after the finals. Park Moo-bin even said that he wants to have a good competition with Yoo Yu-sang even when he goes pro.

Park Moo-bin said, “I was emotional after the end, and seeing (Yoo) Ki-sang crying reminded me of when I was a freshman and cried after losing to Yonsei University. I felt like I knew how he felt, so I cried, and Ki-sang played really hard today, and I “We played so well that it was difficult to stop them. I hope we can compete well with each other as a positive influence when we go pro in the future,” he said.

Yoo Yu-sang, who played his last game in the college league, is now trying to become a professional. He chose Jeon Seong-hyun as his role model and is considered the biggest draft pick along with Park Moo-bin and Moon Jeong-hyun. What kind of performance will Yoo Sang-sang show in the pros after burning his last days in college?


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