“Hangzhou AG, which is about to open, is not very enthusiastic in China… The reason is financial loss + greater concern about people’s personal health than player performance” Chinese media evaluation

“Hangzhou AG, which is about to open, is not very enthusiastic in China… The reason is financial loss + greater concern about people’s personal health than player performance” Chinese media evaluation

The opening of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games is just around the corner, but it has been assessed that interest in China is not strong.

Chinese media ‘Sohu’ reported on the 17th (Korean time) that enthusiasm for the Asian Games in China is not high, saying, “The 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games are about to open, but everyone seems indifferent and unexcited.”

The Asian Games is the largest comprehensive sports festival on the Asian continent held once every four years, like the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, or AFC Asian Cup. It is a historic Asian competition that was first held in 1951.

The media said, “Within a few days, China will host a highly anticipated event called the Hangzhou Asian Games. In the process of hosting the Asian Games, China competed with Vietnam, but the burden of hosting the Asian Games was greatly affected by Vietnam, and the bid was withdrawn early due to budget issues. . The reason why Hangzhou’s victory attracts attention,” he began the article.

Sohu continued, “This Asian Games will serve as an engine of great change for the city of Hangzhou in terms of social infrastructure development. According to statistics, 224.8 billion yuan (approximately KRW 41.1 trillion) has been invested in urban infrastructure and stadium construction alone. “This will lay a solid foundation for Hangzhou’s future development. More importantly, the beauty of Hangzhou can be shown to the world through the Asian Games, which will attract many tourists and investments,” he said. explained.

In fact, when I arrived in Hangzhou, huge buildings with unusual shapes caught my eye. The Media Village and MMC (Main Media Center) were built on a large scale and had excellent facilities. It was built with a modern design and a neat exterior.스포츠토토

The media said, “This Asian Games will raise the level of organization and management of China’s major sporting events and foster more outstanding young athletes to represent China. It will make a great contribution to the long-term development of China’s sports industry.” He also emphasized that it can be of great help.

However, the media said: “Despite the many benefits, the Chinese people do not seem to be as excited about this event as they used to be. This is strange. Perhaps this phenomenon is because the Chinese people are concerned about a wider range of issues than sporting events. He claimed, “It is a phenomenon that reflects a change in the focus of society.”

Sohu said, “With the Hangzhou Asian Games approaching, people are starting to focus more and more on this sporting event, but at the same time, we have to face the reality of investment and profits. Hangzhou is investing a huge amount of money, including infrastructure improvement and stadium construction, to successfully host the Asian Games. “The stadium construction cost alone amounts to 10.19 billion yuan (approximately 1.863 trillion won), excluding event organization and security costs. However, the expected profits are not as impressive as expected,” he pointed out.

He continued, “Sponsorship revenue was 6 billion yuan (KRW 1.0969 trillion), copyright revenue was 4 billion yuan (approximately KRW 731.3 billion), and ticket revenue was 4.6 billion yuan (approximately KRW 841 billion), for a total of 150 billion yuan (approximately 27 billion KRW). KRW 424.5 billion). This gap has struck a deep chord in the Chinese people. This loss-making event poses an important question: Do we really want high-quality performances and athletes in sports competitions? ‘Should we not only focus on financial feasibility but also consider financial feasibility?'” he said.

The media said, “Sports events undoubtedly have important social and cultural value. They encourage the public to participate in sporting activities, promote the city’s name, and provide citizens with cultural exchange and wholesome entertainment experiences. However, the investment is too high. “In large cases, it can lead to unnecessary economic risks and have a negative impact on financial health,” he said, pointing out that the cultural benefits of sporting events can be overshadowed by financial losses.

At the same time, he said, “Some people are demanding that the stadium, which was built with a large budget after the Asian Games, be opened to Hangzhou citizens for free. The Chinese people now think that improving the physical quality of the entire population is the most important. Indifference to the Asian Games is actually “It means that interest in public health is growing,” he added.

Sohu said, “The pressure of modern society has made people more interested in their own physical health than the performance of elite athletes. In modern society, the pace of life is accelerating day by day, and the stress index that people feel continues to rise. This environment. “Created a mindset that values ​​universal health. People’s exercise and health are not only important to individuals, but are also the foundation for national prosperity and development,” he said, adding that he was concerned about the city’s economic loss due to hosting the Asian Games and the people’s health in a rapidly changing modern society. It was claimed that the stress felt was the reason for the low interest in this year’s Hangzhou Games.


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