Aiming for the first gold medal in 13 years, I feel reassured by the presence of ‘older brothers’

Aiming for the first gold medal in 13 years, I feel reassured by the presence of ‘older brothers’

Professional athletes can participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games (AG). At the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang AG, only amateur players were allowed to participate, but from this tournament, the door has been opened to professional players as well.

Expectations for the Korean men’s national golf team have also grown. This is because Lim Seong-jae (25, world ranking 27th) and Kim Si-woo (28, 40th), who are on the PGA Tour stage, joined the national team. Kim Si-woo has a total of 4 wins on tour, and Lim Seong-jae has proven his skills on the world stage with 2 wins. Among the players competing in Hangzhou AG, he has the highest tour ranking.토토사이트

However, we cannot judge the team as the ‘strongest team’ based on just two players. Expectations are even higher as his younger brothers, who are showing ‘skills equal to that of his older brother’, are supporting him. Jo Woo-young (22) and Jang Yu-bin (21), who are standing out this season on the Korean Men’s Professional Golf (KPGA) tour with the title of ‘amateurs who catch pros’, are predicting a golden break in AG.

The two amateur players proved their skills by winning on the professional stage. The two players who won the Srixon Tour, the second part of the tour, earlier this year (Jang Yu-bin, 1st time, and Jo Woo-young, 2nd time) also reached the top in the regular tour, which they participated in for the special purpose of improving AG performance. Wooyoung Jo first won the Golfzon Open in Jeju in April, and Yubin Jang lifted the trophy at the Gunsan CC Open in August.

It has been 10 years since Lee Soo-min (Gunsan CC Open) and Lee Chang-woo (Dongbu Fire Promy Open) in 2013 that an amateur player won twice in the KPGA Korean Tour. Afterwards, the two players continued to maintain top grades and raised expectations for AG.

The men’s golf team, which has established a ‘golden generation’ thanks to the growth of the two players, is aiming for its first AG gold medal in 13 years. The Korean men’s golf team swept the individual and team championships at Guangzhou AG in 2010, but only got no gold in the next two tournaments. Golden expectations are growing with the addition of the younger brothers who are cruising on the professional stage along with their world-class older brothers playing on the PGA Tour.

Wooyoung Jo said, “I think (the professional tours I’ve played so far) are a prelude to AG. “If I want to win a gold medal at AG, managing my physical strength is important, and I will prepare well until the competition,” he said, strengthening his resolve. Jang Yu-bin also said, “I will try my best to do my best at AG. The guys I compete with are very good and I trust them, so all I have to do is do well. “I want to play a game with no regrets,” he said, pledging to do well for AG.

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