‘History’s first’ Gimcheon takes the lead in K-League 2 with an away win at Cheonan!

‘History’s first’ Gimcheon takes the lead in K-League 2 with an away win at Cheonan!

Managing Director Kim Cheon aims for victory in the away game against Cheonan City FC.

Gimcheon will play an away game against Cheonan City FC in the Hana One Q K League 2 2023 34R at Cheonan Stadium at 4 p.m. on October 1. Gimcheon, who turned things around by winning 4-1 in the previous home game against Anyang, is determined to break the cycle of away defeats in Cheonan-an and secure three points.

Gimcheon won against Anyang on the 23rd for the first time since its founding in 7 games. On the same day, Gimcheon made history by becoming the club’s first politician to score a hat trick.

With the win in the previous round, Gimcheon narrowed the point gap with leader Busan to 4 points. With six games remaining until the end of the regular season, Gimcheon is determined to accumulate points once again to win the K League 2 and be promoted directly to the K League 1. Starting with Cheonan, Gimcheon faced some tough opponents, including Bucheon, Ansan, Gimpo, Gyeongnam, and Seoul E-Land.

The atmosphere of the away opponent, Cheonan City FC, is the best of the 2023 season. At the end of July, two months after reporting their first win of the season, they recorded 3 consecutive wins and are transforming into a completely different team. They defeated Seoul E-Land, Bucheon, and Jeonnam in order. However, Gimcheon, which won 2 wins (6 goals and 1 goal) against Cheonan this season, is determined to decorate the last match with victory as well.

On October 1, when the away game against Cheonan is held, 18 members of the 7th class, the main flag bearers of Gimcheon Sangmu, will be promoted to corporal. The Gimcheon 7th team’s starting members this season include captain Won Doo-jae, Jo Young-wook, Kim Jin-gyu, Lee Sang-min, politician, and Kang Hyun-moo.

At a time when Cho Young-wook missed out on selection for the Hangzhou Asian Games, a fellow politician completely filled Cho Young-wook’s absence and quickly emerged as Gimcheon’s new problem solver. A politician became the first club player to record a hat-trick, which even top strikers such as Cho Gyu-seong and Oh Hyun-gyu could not achieve.안전놀이터

The shield is also powerful. Kang Hyun-moo, who has been starting since September, is recording super saves in every game. They recorded a clean sheet against Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province on the 2nd, and gave up only one goal out of 13 shots in the away game to Seongnam on the 19th. In the game against Anyang on the 23rd, they conceded one goal out of 14 shots (9 effective shots) and earned 3 points. On the same day, Kang Hyun-moo recorded an assist and increased his attack points.

Gimcheon, which is fighting a battle for points in every game to secure direct promotion, is determined to win at Cheonan-an with Gimcheon’s 7th season at the forefront.


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