Gift of ‘3 points’ to eternal rival… Real legend Ramos records painful own goal

Gift of ‘3 points’ to eternal rival… Real legend Ramos records painful own goal

Sergio Ramos scored a painful own goal against Barcelona, ​​their eternal rival, and Barcelona won.

Sevilla lost 0-1 to Barcelona in the 8th round of La Liga in the 2023-24 season held at the Estadi Olympic Ruiz Companis in Barcelona, ​​Spain at 4 a.m. on the 30th (Korean time). Sevilla, which did not score any points, was ranked 12th in the league.

Sevilla used a 4-2-3-1 formation. Luquebakio, Lamela, Rakitic, Ocampos, Sow, Hordan, Pedrosa, Ramos, Bade, Sánchez, and Nullan were the starters.

Ramos, who started as a starter, performed well, blocking Barcelona’s attackers. Joao Cancelo, Ramin Yamal, and Fermin Lopes attempted threatening shots, but no goals were scored, and the first half ended 0-0.

The second half began and Sevilla continued to withstand Barcelona’s offensive. Then, a painful situation occurred. In the 31st minute of the second half, Yamal received a cross from the right and attempted a header toward the center. The ball hit Yamal’s head and hit the foot of Ramos, who was trying to block it, resulting in a goal. As the game ended without any additional goals, Ramos’ own goal ended up being the winning goal.

Ramos is a Real Madrid legend. He grew up in Sevilla and has been with Real since 2005. He performed at his best and became Real’s starting defender. Ramos, who mainly played as a right fullback, changed his position to centerback, and from then on, he stood out greatly. He played 671 games, and although he was a defender, he also scored 101 goals and 40 assists for Real, scoring many offensive points.토토사이트

He recently returned to Sevilla. Ramos, whose contract expired after two seasons at PSG, has not found a team for some time. Although he had interest from Saudi Arabia, Ramos chose the romance of heading to his former team. He made his return to Sevilla by appearing against Las Palmas on the 18th and winning without conceding a goal.

Following his return, he met Barcelona in the second match. Barcelona is Real’s biggest rival. Since Ramos spent 16 years at Real, Barcelona fans, who had been his rivals for a long time, were also not happy about Ramos’ appearance.

However, by scoring an own goal, Ramos ended up helping his old rival. Spanish media ‘Sport’ said, “Seville’s number 4 did what Barcelona’s number 9 could not do. Ramos, one of Seville’s most outstanding players, gave up three points to his eternal rival through an own goal.” shed light on the situation.

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