‘Saliba vs. Lee Sanma’ Manchester United legend chosen is Saliba → “Lee Sanma’s team lost.”

‘Saliba vs. Lee Sanma’ Manchester United legend chosen is Saliba → “Lee Sanma’s team lost.”

Legendary central defender Rio Ferdinand, who was in charge of the team’s defense during Manchester United’s golden era, said that he was a “better player”, choosing a defender from a rival team rather than a junior Manchester United player.

According to an interview between Ferdinand and sports media outlet ‘Talk Sports’ reported by the British media ‘Mirror’ on the 3rd (Korean time), Ferdinand chose Saliba between Arsenal’s William Saliba and Manchester United’s Lisandro Martinez.

Ferdinand ended his long deliberation by saying, “I will choose Saliba.” Ferdinand went on to say, “Saliba has the potential to be the best,” and added, “Although Martinez has answered many questions with his good form in the 2022/23 season and is very good on the ball, he is a good player for Arsenal (where Saliba belongs). “This is a better team than (Martinez’s) Manchester United,” he concluded, adding, “Arsenal is a well-coordinated, solid team. Manchester United is not.”

William Saliba has earned the trust of Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta by starting all games in the Premier League this 2023/24 season.

The basis for this trust was Saliba’s amazing defensive ability in the 2022/23 season. Arsenal succeeded in regaining first place in the league thanks to Saliba’s impeccable defense and were on the verge of winning their first title in over 20 years since the 2003/04 season. However, Saliba, who suffered a back injury last April, was unable to play in the remaining Premier League games, and Arsenal ultimately slipped at the end of the league and finished the season in second place.

Saliba’s quick feet and tall height of 192 cm are considered his biggest strengths in defense. Moreover, despite his height, he is a player who contributes greatly to the overall build-up of Arsenal with his smooth footwork and passing skills.

According to a report on Coach Arteta’s interview by the British sports media ‘The Football Faithful’ on the 3rd, he left a favorable review, saying, “Saliba is a player with tremendous growth potential,” and “It is difficult to find a player like him.”

Martinez, who is compared to Saliba, has the advantage of being able to gain an advantage over opposing attackers through physical competition during competitions, despite being a short defender.토토사이트

He also has a very resilient body, so he is not very vulnerable to aerial balls and is also a good passer. Therefore, upon arriving at Manchester United in the 2022/23 season, he started 24 games in the league and became a starting central defender who contributed brilliantly to helping the team take third place.

However, he suffered an injury to his foot at the end of last season, which ended the season, and this season, the injury recurred in that area again, reaching the point where he had to undergo reoperation. Ferdinand did not think that the difference in skill between the two players was large, but ultimately evaluated that the differences in the teams they belonged to made the difference between the two players’ bright and dark sides.

Arsenal is cruising along without a single loss this season.

This appears to be a combination of Arsenal’s brilliant midfield resources, solid defensive resources, and sharp offensive line. Arsenal, along with Tottenham, has achieved the only undefeated record in the Premier League.

On the other hand, Manchester United is currently in 10th place in the league and is having the worst start to the season. They have achieved 3 wins and 4 losses through the 7th round of the 2023/24 English Premier League, and have dropped 2 league games at their home, Old Trafford, and have been downgraded to the ‘More League’. Ferdinand, who played for Manchester United for about 12 years, appears to be an indirect criticism of the situation in which his former club continues to underperform.


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