“I was shaken by the greeting” A thumbs-up from a forty-one-year-old friend, a super-catch, and a foul home run.

“I was shaken by the greeting” A thumbs-up from a forty-one-year-old friend, a super-catch, and a foul home run.

The road to the record was a long one.

The Samsung Lions’ Oh Seung-hwan (41) achieved the record in the last game of the season in front of a packed house. It’s an incredible feat that will remain a part of KBO history for a long time to come.

Oh Seung-hwan made a tough save in the final game of the season against the SSG Landers at Lions Park in Daegu on Thursday to secure a 5-3 victory.토토사이트

With that save, he became the first pitcher in KBO history to reach 400 career saves.

The milestone came 19 years after he turned pro in 2005. He became the first pitcher to reach the 400-save milestone despite a six-season hiatus from 2014 to 2019 that included stints in overseas leagues in Japan and the United States. No other pitcher has reached 300 career saves except Oh Seung-hwan. Son Seung-rak is second on the list with 271 saves. No other active player has 200 saves.

Seung-hwan Oh also reached the 30-save mark for the third consecutive season.

Seung-hwan Oh has recorded 30 saves in three consecutive seasons, with the exception of his comeback season in 2020, when he returned midseason.

The record didn’t come easy for the legendary pitcher.

Leading 4-3 in the top of the eighth inning, the bases were loaded.

In front of left-hander Lee Jae-ik, the SSG bench brought up right-hander Kim Kang-min, who was born in 1982 and is the same age as Oh Seung-hwan. Pitching coach Kwon Oh-jun took the mound with the ball. Oh Seung-hwan’s old theme song, “Ratzenka Save Us,” blared. The cheers of the full house filled the ballpark.

SSG, which is in a fierce battle for third place, also played well.

They brought in another 1982-born left-hander, Choo Shin-soo, to bat again. Before stepping up to the plate, Choo gave a thumbs-up to his friend Oh Seung-hwan, who was attempting to break the record.

“I tried not to do anything out of the ordinary,” he said, “but I think (Shin-soo) greeted me and shook me up.

The game was a contest. There were no concessions.

After a full count, he pulled a 144-kilometer fastball hard. It sailed past the first baseman for what would have been a double down the right-field line.

But then something amazing happened. First baseman Lee Sung-kyu threw himself out. The ball was sucked into his mitt like a magnet. He stepped on first base to end the inning. It was a super catch so amazing that Oh Seung-hwan had to thank him.

Lee Sung-gyu also helped the senior Seung-hwan Oh on offense.

In the bottom of the ninth inning, he pushed Choi Min-jun’s 139-kilometer cutter with one out. Choi’s best defense, center fielder Choi Ji-hoon, followed it all the way, but it hit the top of the fence. It was a two-run shot to make it 5-3.

Oh Seung-hwan returned to the mound in the top of the ninth to complete the feat.

In front of a packed house and his family, Seung-hwan Oh faltered slightly in front of Dae-lok.

He walked the leadoff batter, Oh Tae-gon, on four pitches after one strike. He threw three pitches in a row to Choi Ji-hoon. Suddenly, the zero was shaken. However, he got an infield single with two fastballs and took a breather.

After a nine-pitch battle with Han Yoo-seom, a walk put runners on first and second.

Heredia flied out to right field, putting runners at first and second. Park Sung-ho hit a 3B1S pitch for a home run that grazed the right field fence and landed in the stands. That was it for the nerves.

The game ended when Park Sung-i hit a line drive straight to left field. Captain Koo Ja-rook, who ended the game by catching the ball, ran to the mound in celebration. An emotional Oh Seung-hwan embraced his catcher, Kang Min-ho, in a fierce embrace. His teammates, who wholeheartedly supported his record, gathered on the mound and put their hands on his shoulders and cheered. Oh received congratulations from his teammates, including Woo Kyu-min, who hugged him individually.

A video of each of his 100 saves from his debut to his 100th save was also shown on the scoreboard, and the crowd celebrated with him.

As the Ratsenka Save Us song blared again, Oh took off his hat and bowed to the home fans, who hadn’t left their seats. That’s when the sparks flew.

“I was hoping to set a record in front of the home fans, but thanks to their support, I was able to set a record,” Oh said in the postgame interview.

“It was a one-point save, and I had a tough game because I was thinking about what if I blown it in front of the home fans,” he said, adding, “I felt once again that every one of my 400 saves was hard.”


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