The name that gave Pohang its ‘first win in 10 years’… ‘Ki-Dong Magic’ started outside the stadium

The name that gave Pohang its ‘first win in 10 years’… ‘Ki-Dong Magic’ started outside the stadium

Coach Kim Ki-dong has transformed the Pohang Steelers into a team that can challenge for the title at any time, both on and off the field.

On April 4, the Pohang Steelers won the 2023 Hana OneQ FA Cup Final at Pohang Steel Yard, coming from behind to beat Jeonbuk Hyundai 4-2 and claim the FA Cup title.

Pohang overcame all odds to lift the FA Cup. With a number of injuries to key players, including Oberdan, Wandelsson, Baek Sung-dong, Jung Jae-hee, and Kim Yong-hwan, the team had just won a penalty shootout against Jeju United in the FA Cup quarterfinals on January 1. They were clearly at a physical disadvantage compared to Jeonbuk, who finished the game in regulation time and had a much deeper roster.

Pohang came through in the end. After Song Min-kyu opened the scoring in the 17th minute, Han Chan-hee equalized in the 44th minute, Gustavo put them back in front with a penalty kick six minutes into the second half, and Zeca restored parity in the 29th minute. Then, Kim Jong-woo in the 33rd minute and Hong Yun-sang in stoppage time scored back-to-back goals to lift Pohang’s first title in 10 years.

Coach Kim Ki-dong’s mercenary tactics proved decisive. Shin Kwang-hoon and Kim In-sung were replaced by Shim Sang-min and Hong Yun-sang in the 11th minute of the second half when the score was 1-2, and the atmosphere completely changed in Pohang’s favor. Hong Yun-sang confused the Jeonbuk defense with his aggressive dribbling and rushing, and Shim Sang-min helped Pohang keep the game close with his stable offensive and defensive balance. The fact that they were awarded the Leadership Award at the post-match ceremony is a testament to this.

Nevertheless, Kim Ki-dong remained humble, saying it was all thanks to his players. “I told the players that we will win the title because I believe in them and they believe in me,” he said at the post-match press conference, adding, “I wanted to win the title, but I could only do it if they followed me well.” He wasn’t kidding.

He reiterated the same words when we caught up with him later on the field, where he was enjoying the victory. “The players followed me without question,” he said, reiterating that the team won because they trusted him.

Jong-woo Kim, who was named the Most Valuable Player of the tournament, showed his unlimited trust in Kim by saying, “When I came back from injury, the coach and my teammates gave me confidence,” and “I’m still not used to the style, but I want to change it to what the coach wants.”

The same was true for Kim Seung-dae, who shared the title as captain. “The coach said he was confident of winning the title from the beginning of the season. I just told the players to do it because the coach said so,” he said, adding, “There’s no harm in listening to the coach,” like a child to a parent.

Han Chan-hee, who scored the first goal, said, “At halftime, he emphasized fighting for second balls and fighting spirit,” and attributed the change in performance in the second half to Coach Kim Ki-dong. “When I came on as a substitute, he told me to be confident and do what I wanted to do, and to focus on defense and adjust to the team,” said Hong Yun-sang, who scored the wedge goal, adding that he was able to score thanks to Kim Ki-dong’s encouragement.

Kim Ki-dong is known as a coach who not only uplifts his players mentally, but also develops their skills. Young players such as Ko Young-joon and Lee Ho-jae, as well as Kim Seung-dae, Baek Seong-dong, and Jung Jae-hee, have all stepped up their game under his guidance. This was possible because Kim Ki-dong went through all the ups and downs as a player.

He also makes every player worthy of Pohang. I don’t mean in terms of level, but in terms of synergy as a team. Kim Ki-dong is a coach who maximizes the strengths of his players, but he also sets them up to attack and press organically as a team. It’s not for nothing that Kim Seung-dae said in an interview that “Pohang will definitely turn into Pohang colors no matter which player comes.”

Kim Ki-dong’s attention is not limited to players, but the entire club. A Pohang official said, “The coach is interested in so many areas. He’s even involved in the design of the uniforms,” revealing that he is meticulous about everything related to the club’s development.

His passion is also for his fans. Kim Ki-dong doesn’t waste any time with his fans. It’s not just because of his tactical prowess and performance that the fans are so supportive.

According to a Pohang official, Kim Ki-dong is the first to propose ideas for projects for the fans, and after a game, he tells his players that the bus can leave late, so they can meet the fans as much as possible.

Such attentiveness has become a factor that unites Pohang fans, who have always been close to the club. On this day, Pohang fans encouraged the players by singing cheers at the top of their lungs even when their team was losing, and when Kim Jong-woo’s late goal brought the victory closer, they filled the stadium with shouts and cheers until the steel yard collapsed.

Pohang’s players, management, and fans were united under difficult circumstances. The Steel Yard became a giant melting pot, producing Pohang’s first championship in a decade.

And at the center of it all is coach Kim Ki-dong. With Kim Ki-dong at the helm, Pohang will always be a team that can challenge for the title. 캡틴토토 주소

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