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‘First hat trick for both team and individual’ politician, 33rd round MVP

The politician player who recorded Sangmu Kim’s first hat trick since his founding and the first hat trick in his life was selected as the MVP of the 33rd round of Hana One Q K League 2 2023.

In the home game against FC Anyang held at Gimcheon Stadium on September 23, Politician scored two goals in the first half and one goal in the second half, including the winning goal, leading the team to a 4-1 victory.스포츠토토

Politician, who scored only 2 goals this season before the Anyang game, played in 53 games and recorded 2 goals and 1 assist during the 5 seasons he played for Daegu FC before enlisting.

The politician, who scored three goals in one game, nearly half of his total K-League total, also experienced the joy of being selected as the league MVP for the first time.

Kim Cheon-sang, who had not won in three games since the Chungnam Asan match, laid the foundation for chasing the lead with the win against Anyang, and including the politicians who led the team’s victory, midfielder Won Doo-jae, defender Yoon Jong-gyu, and goalkeeper Kang Hyun-moo all participated in K League 2. The most 4 players are listed in the Best 11.

Gimcheon Sangmu, who trailed first-place Busan by 4 points, will attempt to continue their winning streak in an away game against Cheonan on the 1st, Armed Forces Day.

“It changes throughout the season” LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop expressed disappointment over the indifferent fall rain 

“It seems like (the rotation) is changing throughout the season.”

LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop expressed his disappointment over the rain falling from the sky. If the rain does not stop, a double header will be held the next day. With a 7-game series scheduled, adjustments to the starting rotation are inevitable. We’ve experienced rain cancellations and rotation adjustments all season, but as we face new concerns, we have to make difficult decisions.

Coach Yeom said ahead of the Jamsil KT game on the 26th, “I wish we could do it today, but the forecast has changed. “The rain hasn’t stopped and continues to fall,” he said with a disappointed expression. “If it rains and we have a double header tomorrow, I’m thinking about Kelly, who lost in the first game, and Kim Yun-sik, who won in the second game.” The starting pitcher on this day is Kim Yun-sik, and the starting pitcher on the 27th is Kelly. Considering the importance of the first game of the double header, Kelly is scheduled to start during the double header.

He continued, “It seems like it changes throughout the season. “If I change it like this, it rains again and I change it again… and it changes all year round,” he said, looking back on this season, which had a particularly high number of rain cancellations.스포츠토토

The point of concern is the timing of introducing replacement starters. He is expecting Adam Plutko to start against Suwon KT on October 2nd, the last day of the seven-game series, but is not sure. He must also prepare a plan for this.

Coach Yeom selected Lee Ji-gang as a replacement starter and said, “In the case of Plutko, we will make him a starter at least once during the regular season. “We can prepare ahead of the postseason only by seeing the actual game,” he said. “The earliest Plutco reported is October 2nd.” I told them to prepare according to that day, but we will see what happens next. “Even if it doesn’t happen on October 2, Plutko must be on the mound during the regular season,” he explained.

If the game is held on this day, LG will have Hong Chang-ki (right fielder) ~ Shin Min-jae (second baseman) ~ Kim Hyun-soo (designated hitter) ~ Austin (first baseman) ~ Oh Ji-hwan (shortstop) ~ Kim Min-seong (third baseman) ~ Park Dong-won (catcher) ~ Moon Seong-ju (left fielder) ~The lineup was made with Park Hae-min (center fielder).

Director Yeom said, “Minjae has been falling a bit recently, but he needs to experience this as well. He will be a starting player next year, so full-time experience is important. Even if it’s hard now, you can do well when you play full-time next year. In the past, (Kim) Ha-seong also had a hard time at the end of the season, but he continued to be used. “(Moon) The reason we continued to use Bo-kyung as a third baseman is because we have to try to do well next time,” he said.

At the same time, we are also planning the postseason. Coach Yeom said, “I am thinking about the second batting order. If (Park) Hae-min was in good condition, the positions of Hae-min and Min-jae would have been swapped. “Haemin can go to number 2 in the postseason,” he said.

‘It was difficult to keep up with Son Heung-min’s movements’ → ‘North London derby full time’ Arsenal defender received bad reviews

Arsenal defender was criticized while Son Heung-min made a great performance, scoring multiple goals against Arsenal in the North London derby.

Tottenham drew 2-2 with Arsenal in the 6th round of the 2023-24 Premier League season held at the Emirates Stadium in London, England on the afternoon of the 24th (local time). Son Heung-min played as a front-line striker in the game that day and performed well, scoring multiple goals.

Son Heung-min scored the first goal of the game in the 42nd minute of the match against Arsenal. Son Heung-min succeeded in scoring by completing Maddison’s pass that broke through the left side of the penalty area with a left-footed shot between the Arsenal defense in front of the goal.

Afterwards, Son Heung-min scored multiple goals in the 10th minute of the second half. Tottenham’s Maddison stole the ball from Arsenal midfielder Jorginho and made a quick break, sending the ball to Son Heung-min who penetrated the right side of the penalty area. Son Heung-min finished Maddison’s pass with a direct right-footed shot, cutting into the corner of the Arsenal goal.

Arsenal defender Gabriel played full-time in the match against Tottenham and faced Son Heung-min. The British Independent said of Gabriel’s performance against Tottenham, ‘Gabriel could not keep up with Son Heung-min’s movements and was sometimes out of position. He gave the team’s lowest rating of 5 points, saying, “The connection between Arsenal’s defense was weak.”

Son Heung-min is continuing his strong performance against Arsenal recently. In the last 11 matches against Arsenal, Son Heung-min scored 6 goals and 2 assists, and also induced 3 penalty kicks. This is the first time a Tottenham player has scored multiple goals in a North London derby away game against Arsenal since Hendry in May 1993. In particular, Son Heung-min is the first player to score multiple goals in the North London derby, which was played as Arsenal’s home game, since Arsenal used the Emirates Stadium as their home stadium.안전놀이터

Arsenal manager Arteta said after the Tottenham game: “I think we’ve lost two points. When we score, the opponent scores right away. The hardest thing in football is to get the ball in the goal. We’ve done it twice. “We scored, but we conceded two goals in a poor manner,” he said. “Due to the atmosphere of the derby, there were moments when we exaggerated our play. We could not play at the same pace when we had the ball and when we got it back. The ratings were dangerously high. “It wasn’t enough,” he said, expressing regret.

Tottenham coach Postekoglou said: “Sony (Son Heung-min’s nickname) is an outstanding leader and player. We placed him in the number 9 position and he worked hard. He puts the team first unbelievably. “The first thing we think about is the team. If we use Sonny as a front-line striker, he has the ability to finish the game,” he said, praising Son Heung-min’s performance.

Son Heung-min resumed scoring two games after the fourth round of the 2023-24 Premier League season against Burnley, where he scored a hat-trick along with multiple goals against Arsenal. Son Heung-min has scored five goals in the Premier League this season and has risen to second place in league scoring.

After the match against Arsenal, Son Heung-min said, “It’s always a difficult game, but I think we showed a fantastic performance until the end of the game. We gave it our all. I think it’s a game the fans can be proud of. We wanted to win, and it’s a shame we couldn’t do it. “I think the performance was perfect,” he said.

‘Following Heo Jae and Heo Hoon’, Heo Woong also started living in Busan, “I remember watching videos of my father when he was playing, and it will be even more powerful if the fans come”

Following his father and younger brother, he also became a professional player in Busan. Heo Woong (30, Busan KCC Egis), who started the new season in Busan, expressed his feelings about coming to his new hometown.

After the conclusion of the 2023-24 season starting ceremony and the signing ceremony for the hometown of Busan held at the Sajik Indoor Stadium in Busan on the 25th, Heo Woong said, “I have new feelings, and since this is where my father and younger brother played, I think I will be able to play the game with some good energy.” .

On this day, KCC made its first official greeting in front of Busan fans. After playing in Daejeon Metropolitan City (1997-2001) and Jeonju City in Jeollabuk-do (2001-2023), KCC has established a new home in Busan ahead of the 2023-24 season. Unlike previous events where only officials participated, fans were allowed to enter this day’s partnership agreement ceremony. According to KCC officials, about 500 fans came to the event on this day to celebrate the start of ‘Busan KCC’.

Heo Woong is one of the most popular players at KCC. In the KBL All-Star voting for the 2021-22 season, Lee Sang-min (current KCC coach) received a total of 264,376 votes, breaking the record for the most votes (120,354 votes) that he had held for 19 years.

Heo Woong also has ties to Busan. He never played in Busan himself, but his family played at Sajik Gymnasium. His father, former coach Heo Jae (58), experienced life in Busan while playing for Busan Kia Enterprises (now Ulsan Hyundai Mobis) in 1997, his first year of turning professional. Although he moved to Wonju Narae (now DB) after playing for only two seasons, he performed impressively in the championship match of the 1997-98 season and received cheers from Busan fans.먹튀검증

Subsequently, his younger brother Heo Hoon (28, Suwon KT Sonic Boom, current managing director) also joined KT through the draft in 2017. He was so popular that he sold a food called ‘Heo Hundeok’ at Sajik Gymnasium at the time. Heo Hoon used Sajik Gymnasium as his home until KT relocated to Suwon, Gyeonggi-do ahead of the 2021-22 season.

When former coach Heo Jae was playing in Busan, Heo Woong was a young child of 4 or 5 years old. When asked, ‘Do you remember when your father played?’ Heo Woong said, “But when I watch YouTube videos of going to the gym when I was young, I remember it again.”

Even after becoming a professional, Heo Woong played in Busan when KT used Sajik Gymnasium. Recalling his experience at the time, he said, “The gym is very big, new, and clean.” He went on to express his wish, “I think it will be more powerful if more fans fill the stands this season.”

This season, KCC used the catchphrase ‘the strongest.’ The club explained, “This is a catchphrase that best represents KCC, which has built a national team lineup.” When asked, ‘In what area do you want to be the best this season?’ Heo Woong said, “I think the best thing is to not get injured.” At the same time, he said two words as his goal for this season: ‘winning’.

Lastly, Heo Woong said, “I think we can show good performances as long as we don’t get injured,” as a point to watch this season.

A course that was completely blocked off, Kim Si-woo and Lim Seong-jae ‘Find a strategy in two days’

You have two days to learn everything about Hangzhou West Lake International Golf Course.

The Asian Games Korean men’s and women’s golf teams, including Lim Seong-jae and Kim Si-woo, entered the final battle site, Hangzhou, on the 25th. The national team players who departed from Incheon International Airport on this day each expressed their confidence and pledged, “We will do our best until the end so that we can win the gold medal we want.”

The time given to the national team is very short. All participating players will familiarize themselves with the course through a two-day practice round starting on the 26th, and then compete in both men’s and women’s individual and team competitions for four days starting on the 28th. Since the tournament organizing committee has completely sealed off the tournament venue and has not opened it to the public, all players must quickly understand the course characteristics and find a strategy under the same conditions. However, it seems clear that the Chinese players on the home team would have been given more information and opportunities.

According to the practice round time allocated by the competition organizing committee, the women’s national team, consisting of the ‘high school trio’ Minsol Kim, Jiyu Lim, and Hyeonjo Yoo, will meet the course starting at 7 a.m. The men’s team, which includes world No. 27 Lim Seong-jae and No. 40 Kim Si-woo, who play on the PGA Tour, and amateur powerhouses Cho Woo-young and Jang Yu-bin, will begin the practice round at 11:20 a.m.

The Hangzhou Asian Games are the best opportunity for Korean men’s and women’s golf to repeat the glory of winning both the individual and team events at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games. Korea has achieved good results in previous Asian Games with 13 gold, 13 silver, and 9 bronze, but has not won a gold medal since winning the women’s individual event (Park Gyeol) in 2014.

Looking at the participating players and the composition of the team competition, nothing has changed other than the information known so far. As for the men’s team, India, which features world No. 142nd ranked Anirban Lahiri and No. 160 Shubhanka Sharma, Thailand, which features Asian Tour powerhouse Pachara Kongwatmai, and Japan, which features strong amateur players, are the targets of caution. As it is composed of the strongest members, the men’s team must play at its best, ‘like a tiger giving all its might when catching a rabbit.’ Seongjae Lim said, “Practice rounds are important. “Even if it doesn’t work out for a day, every stroke is precious, so I have to do my best until the end,” Kim Si-woo said, expressing his determination, “I will lead my younger siblings well and win the gold medal I want.”스포츠토토

The women’s team will be able to win a gold medal if it overcomes the high wall of the home team, China, which includes world No. 1 Yin Luoning, Lin Siyu and Liu Yu, who play on the U.S. LPGA tour.

20 teams registered for the men’s team event and 12 teams registered for the women’s team event. In the men’s team, 4 countries were unable to fill all entries and sent out only 3 players, and in the women’s team, 4 countries were also able to send only 2 players. The individual competition is held in the same 72-hole stroke format as a regular competition, and the men’s team competition is ranked by adding the scores of the top three out of four players in each round, and the women’s team competition by adding the scores of the top two out of three players.

“You don’t speak English? OUT!!”… Pochettino reveals the shocking reason why Chelsea’s key MF was excluded from the captaincy position

Coach Mauricio Pochettino revealed the reason why the team’s key player Enso Fernandez cannot serve as captain.

Coach Pochettino attended a pre-press conference ahead of the match between Chelsea and Aston Villa in the 6th round of the 2023/24 Premier League season held at Stamford Bridge in London, England, at 10 pm (Korean time) on the 24th.

In this match, Pochettino was asked questions about the game, as well as questions about the parts that fans had many doubts about in the previous game against Bournemouth. This is the part about the player who served as captain against Bournemouth.

Previously, Chelsea failed to secure a win in the away game against Bournemouth on the 17th, drawing 0-0. At that time, Conor Gallagher, as captain of the game, wore the armband and started as a starter. It was a surprising element for fans. This is because in a situation where captain Reece James and vice-captain Ben Chilwell were unable to start, Gallagher, rather than other players, appeared immediately wearing the armband.

Gallagher is a member of the Chelsea youth team and has been with Chelsea for a long time from 2017 to the present, including a loan period, but it is difficult to see him as a clear starting resource. Ahead of this season, Tottenham, West Ham, and Dortmund showed intent to recruit him, and Chelsea also had an intent to sell, so a transfer was likely. However, Gallagher preferred to stay at Chelsea and rejected offers from other teams and remained at Chelsea.

As the season opened, Gallagher started all five league games due to injury problems to key players such as Moises Caicedo, Romeo Rabia, and Kani Chukwuemeka, but did not show satisfactory performance.

In addition, Chelsea’s lineup at the time included the best veteran defender named Thiago Silva and Enso, a key midfield resource, so fans expressed strong doubts as to why coach Pochettino chose Gallagher as captain.

Meanwhile, Pochettino gave an accurate answer to the question of why he chose Gallagher as captain rather than Enso.토토사이트

British media Sports Bible reported on the 24th, “Pochettino explained why Enso cannot be captain.”

According to a report in Sports Bible, Pochettino first commented on Silva not wearing the captain’s armband, saying, “He is an experienced player who does not need an armband, so I thought it was important to build something now for the future, not just now but in the future. “He said he was considering a player who would lead the team in the future.

The reason for excluding Enso was also revealed. Pochettino said: “To be precise, I think Thiago Silva was trying to give it to Enso, but Enso is still struggling to speak English. I thought Gallagher would be perfectly capable of doing that if he needed to communicate with the referee. “I prefer Gallagher as captain because Gallagher can speak English normally,” he said, adding that he chose Gallagher as captain because he speaks English fluently.

“Enso is not ready to be captain yet. It’s not just because of his personality or profile. He needs to communicate with his teammates, and if he can’t speak the language properly, he can’t be captain. I could be wrong, but that’s my opinion. “If the language issue is not resolved, Enso will not be captain of Chelsea,” he added.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is in urgent need of a quick rebound along with the captain’s problem. Chelsea, who has performed poorly in 5 league games this season with 1 win, 2 draws, and 2 losses, has fallen to 14th place. If they do not bounce back quickly, it is highly likely that it will be difficult to advance to the European competition this season.

With Gallagher serving as the new captain in the absence of James and Chilwell, it is expected that there will be great interest in whether coach Pochettino’s choice will lead to Chelsea’s rebound.

Jihyun Park, the dog that completed its second sortie, “This is a competition that means a lot to me… I will repay you with a medal.”

“It is meaningful because it was the first time I was selected for the national team in the Asian Games.”

Park Ji-hyun, who has grown into a top WKLB player and a mainstay of the national team, has completed preparations for his second Asian Games. Ji-Hyun Park and the Korean women’s basketball team departed for the 2022 Asian Games to be held in Hangzhou, China on the 24th. The first match is a preliminary match against Thailand in Group C on the 27th.

Ji-Hyun Park said, “It’s hard to describe it as perfect, but she worked hard for her medal by also competing in the Park Shin-Ja Cup and preparing for her Asian Games. “The total is not bad as she tried to improve her performance as much as possible,” she said.

Although there is a lot of pressure for the Asian Games, it is true that the team has improved compared to the FIBA ​​(International Basketball Federation) Asia Cup held last June. At that time, the national team finished the competition with a disappointing result of 5th place. Park Ji-hyun said, “I thought it was the best I could do at the time of the Asia Cup, but looking back, I realized that it was lacking and there were some things that weren’t right. We are much better together now than we were during the Asia Cup. “I can feel her teammates’ bodies lifting a lot while running,” she said.

Ji-Hyun Park is competing in her second Asian Games. It was her first national team appearance, and she was the only teenager in the 2018 competition, where she competed as a unified North and South Korean team and won a silver medal. This time, the national team is placed in Group C and will face North Korea and play in the group stage against Taiwan and Thailand.메이저놀이터

Park Ji-hyun said, “The first time I was selected for the national team was at the Asian Games. As a result, the Asian Games are a competition that means more to me. Japan and China are teams we must overcome. Looking at the volleyball team’s results, I don’t think we have the power to win easily. “It was a wake-up call, and it was an opportunity for us to strengthen our resolve once again,” he explained.

He continued, “I feel a great sense of responsibility because the Asian Games is an event that not only our women’s basketball fans but also the entire nation supports. I think that showing good performance and winning a medal is a reward for the support. “I will definitely come back with a medal,” he said.

Lee Da-yeon “Cheers for the 3rd extension”… “Did you see the 9m winning birdie?”

“9m winning birdie.” ‘Little Giant’ Lee Da-yeon took over the master bedroom.

He reduced 3 strokes in the 4th round of the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour Hana Financial Group Championship (total prize money of 1.5 billion won), which ended at Incheon Bears Best Cheongna Golf Club (par 72, 6,712 yards) on the 24th, and was ranked 7th in the world by Lee Min-ji (Australia). ), tied with ‘2021 LPGA Rookie of the Year’ Patty Tawatanakat (Thailand) (8 under par, 280 strokes), and then caught a ‘winning birdie’ in the third hole of the extension that was played on the 18th hole (par 4). This is her second win of the season and eighth overall, five months after the major tournament, the KLPGA Championship, last April, and the winning prize is 270 million won.

Lee Da-yeon started from a tie for 4th place, 3 strokes behind, and made 4 birdies and 1 bogey. She reduced the score by two strokes in the first half with birdies on the 3rd and 6th holes, then forgot the birdie on the 13th hole (par 4) with a bogey on the 14th hole (par 3). Lee Da-yeon joined the overtime by catching a birdie at the 16th hole (par 3). In his first overtime, Tawa Tana was eliminated after making a bogey, and in the third overtime, Lee Da-yeon was cheered by successfully making the 9m downhill putt that decided the championship. This is his first overtime win since his debut.토토사이트

Lee Da-yeon said, “I reassured myself that even if I lost, I would still be in second place,” and explained, “Rather than thinking about safely making the winning putt, I hit it aggressively, aiming for a birdie.” He said, “It was such a dramatic comeback that I cried without knowing,” and added, “I want to win one more time at the Hite Jinro Championship, the last major tournament.” Lee Min-ji lost in overtime again following this tournament in 2021. In particular, it was regrettable that he lost the championship by missing a par putt of about 1m in the second playoff hole.

Yelena, who wasn’t seen at the practice match? “Rest because my abdominal muscles are stretched… there is no problem entering the season.”

“When will Jelena play?” This is Heungkuk Life Insurance, which recently went to Japan for training and strengthened its off-season. The voices of fans looking for someone among them were loud.

Heungkuk Life Insurance previously departed for Japan from the 14th to the 19th and played a practice game against its sister club, JT Marvelous.

However, foreign player Jelena Mrazenovic (registered name Jelena) was rarely seen participating in practice matches, so many fans were seen asking about her condition through the official YouTube channel.

Regarding this, a Heungkuk Life Insurance official contacted by this newspaper on the 22nd said, “Yelena was diagnosed with a slight stretch in her abdominal muscles during training and needs to rest for about 1 to 2 weeks. She can participate in training without any problems starting next week. She has no major injuries.” It is not true, and it can be deployed without difficulty during the season.”

Yelena, who joined Cheong Kwan Jang (formerly KGC Ginseng Corporation) in the 21-22 season and started playing in the V-League, began playing with Heungkuk Life Insurance in the 22-23 season. Subsequently, he succeeded in renewing his contract this season, and once again, Kim Yeon-kyung and Ssangpo are expected to perform well.

Heungkuk Life Insurance Kim Da-eun ⓒMHN Sports Reporter Lee Ji-sook

Yelena has reported that there are no major problems with her condition other than mild pain, but the injury of Kim Da-eun, an outside hitter who returned to the national team, has become slightly more serious.

After attending the 2023 Volleyball Nations League (VNL), Kim Da-eun complained of shoulder pain starting from this year’s Gumi Dodram Cup. As a result, he was excluded from the entry list for the Asian Championships held last month, and was not included in the national team list for the Hangzhou Asian Games scheduled to open on the 23rd.토토사이트

A team official said, “The extent of the injury has expanded compared to the MRI taken before Kim Da-eun returned to the national team.” He added, “(The condition) has gotten a little worse than when the detailed examination was performed a month ago. The examination is scheduled to take place again in about two weeks. “He is currently taking a break, but it is unclear whether he will be deployed at the beginning of the season.”

Meanwhile, Heungkuk Life Insurance returned to Korea on the 20th after completing field training in Japan.

Choi Hye-jin shows off her strength on the domestic stage…Hana Financial Group takes the lead by 1 shot

Choi Hye-jin took the lead by one stroke in the KLPGA Tour Hana Financial Group Championship (total prize money of 1.5 billion won).

In the second day of the tournament held at Bears Best Cheongna Golf Club (par 72) in Seo-gu, Incheon on the 22nd, Choi Hye-jin reduced 3 strokes with 5 birdies and 2 bogeys, with an intermediate total of 6 under par 138 strokes, tied for second place with Park Hyun-kyung, Lee So-young, Bang Shin-sil, Lee Ye-won, Madasom, and In Ju-yeon were ahead by one stroke.

Choi Hye-jin won the Lotte Open held last May at the golf course where this tournament is being held. Choi Hye-jin is the only player in this competition to record scores in the 60s for two consecutive days. Hyejin Choi said after the game, “It is a golf course where I won, so I have good memories of it. So, although she hasn’t been feeling well lately, she competed with the expectation that she will get better. “After playing the game, I think she felt a lot better about her shots and putts well,” she said. “I did well for two days, so I will believe in myself and play aggressively for the remaining two days,” she added.

However, the pursuers are also formidable. Mada Som continues her upward trend after winning her first career title at the OK Savings Bank Suitman Open last week. Bang Shin-sil, the long-hitting king of the KLPGA Tour, is also aiming for more multipliers four months after winning the E1 Charity Open last May. In addition, Lee Ye-won, who is first in the prize money rankings and grand prize points, is also a difficult opponent for Park Hyun-kyung, who has been runner-up three times this season, and Lee So-young, who has six wins in total.

Lee Ye-won passed the cut in tied second place, so she will surpass 1 billion won in prize money for the season through this tournament. Currently, we are short of 455,803 won, so if we complete the race, we will build a new monument. So far, only seven players have exceeded 1 billion won in prize money in a single season: Kim Hyo-joo, Park Seong-hyun, Ko Jin-young, Lee Jeong-eun6, Choi Hye-jin, Jang Ha-na, Park Min-ji, and Kim Su-ji.스포츠토토

Su-ji Kim, who was defending her title, reduced her score by one stroke and tied for 8th place with a total of 4 under par 140 strokes, along with So-mi Lee, Lee Da-yeon, Ko Ji-woo, and Patty Tabatanakit (Thailand). These players are only two strokes behind leader Choi Hye-jin, so they are likely to rise to the lead at any time.

World No. 7 Lee Min-ji (Australia), who won the LPGA Tour Kroger Queen City Championship, which ended on the 10th, reduced 3 strokes and tied for 15th with an intermediate total of 3 under par 141 strokes. However, Lydia Go (New Zealand), ranked 10th in the world, was eliminated from the preliminary round with an interim total of 4 over par 148.